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Google Secret Keyword List?

What if Google used their leading position as the top search engine in the world to help companies, politicians or countries? And would it be legal? My guess is that there are many keywords that we donīt “know” about.

This is the scenario:

When we buy clicks from Google Adwords, we are a part of an auction. People paying the highest price will get the highest rankings (with some modifications). We are all looking for the best keywords, the best ads, the best rankings and the best clickthroughs.

What we donīt know is, what keywords have a high search rate, but no buyers? Are there any keywords that a lot of people search for but nobody uses to advertise? My guess is that there are probably many.

If thatīs the case, what are Google doing with them? I have no idea if the Google Zeitgeist is actually the top searches, but it probably is. What I am talking about is not the top 20 searches, but way up there.

So, what is Google doing with top keywords that are not being bought? I donīt think Google are just sitting on them and not telling anybody that this list of keywords are some of the “best” keywords and that you can get them almost for free.

This is no conspiracy theory, I am just letting my mind do some fantasizing and my fingers do the writing as it comes out. Without any stops in between.

If I were at Google, I would offer these keywords to companies and others who would pay me some good cash for them. I would keep these companies updated every minute of the day, about which keywords they should use.

Is there a list like that? How are big companies using Google AdWords? Are they using the same tools as the small companies? Or do they have any benefits that we donīt know about?

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