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Google Search Engine Optimization Video

There are many things that I donīt know about Search Engine Optimization, but I am learning a few things now and then. Today I found a very informative video on You Tube about how to do a Google Search Engine Optimization. There are many interesting details in the video, and one of the most important to me was that I really need to focus on the contents and the titles, and to find other “good” sites (with high page rank) to link to my site. Well, nothing new really… but it seems that I need to focus more on it.

I am actually not sure what I should do with the title tags (the text that will appear at the very top of the page when you click on a post). For instance, if you compare two well-known blogs like Problogger by Darren Rowse and Entrepreneurs-Journey by Yaro Starak, you can see that they are using the title tags a little different. On the top of the page for every post at Problogger, you will only see the actual title of the post and only the title. But at Entrepreneurs-Journey you will see the title of the post, but after the title you will also see “Internet Business Blog – By Yaro Starak”.

I am not sure which one is the best, but I have been doing the same as Problogger for a while. Maybe itīs time to try something else?

4 responses to “Google Search Engine Optimization Video”

  1. joeb says:

    Jeff Wellman does not follow up on the promises in the sales letter.

    Following the free CD which never arrived, I have been charged for monthly membership fees for a site that is now down. THe server no longer works!

    THere is hardly any content on the site, no activity on the forums and hardly any reply to support. The guarantee promise is false as multiple requests for refunds have been ignored.

    Avoid all his products like the plague.

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Joeb,

    Are you talking about Lay Off Your Boss, or another product from Jeff Wellman?

    I bought it a long time ago, and it was ok. It was informative.

    But after that, I haven’t bought any of his products.

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