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Google offers free online marketing data

I just read that we can get access to marketing tips, research and insights at Google Analytics, which was formerly referred to as Urchin. This is being provided free of charge by the Silicon Valley company, according to engineering director Paul Muret.

I don´t know how to get this, but hopefully I will know soon. Read the new at TODAYonline.

2 responses to “Google offers free online marketing data”

  1. gsand says:

    Cashy Ads is a load of crap. I signed up fo this and never got the letter to register
    some pin number, and I e-mailed them numerous times asking for it never got a reply.
    So, it must be some sort of scam.

  2. Trevor E. Reed says:

    Yes, I had the same experience. I’ve waited for over 2 months for my confirmation letter. I’ve written them 3 times. I had one reply telling me it was in the mail (a month ago) and no replies to the others. I gotta say it’s a scam, sadly. Creative idea…perhaps someone honest could pick it up and run with it?

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