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What makes Google+ the lifeline of your content marketing strategy?

google plus content marketing strategy

I am not sure why Google Plus makes me think of summer, but it does. And it really helps to think about summer at this time of the year in Norway. This is the first guest post after launching the new rules of guest blogging. Today’s topic is very interesting. I have been using Google Plus for a while, but until recently, I haven’t been sure if I should be using Google Plus for my business or not. I have discovered some very interesting things about Google Plus, and Alyssa is going to tell you more about them in this guest post.


Google Plus has gradually become a very important platform to share  content along with displaying your expertise and connecting directly with your targeted customers. Even though there are more than 400 million users on Google Plus, many are still searching for ways to figure out how they could use this fairly new social networking site with their own social media strategy. But the fact is, Google Plus is among the best places to share your business content. Let’s find out what makes this social networking site the lifeline for an effective content marketing strategy.  

Google Plus is not just different – but far better

Google Plus is not another social networking website, it is among the best platforms to share content over the web and boost your social identity. The reasons are obvious. It is linked with Google, which is a giant search engine, and secondly it has several enhancements as compared to some other similar platforms. If you listen to marketing experts, they claim that Google has overcome a couple of issues that other social media sites are still struggling with.

For instance, Google has resolved the issue of privacy and over sharing problems as seen at Facebook along with rendering a high end multimedia and discussion environment much better than the Twitter. In short, Google Plus has overshadowed Facebook over the issue of sharing and privacy matters, along with being a better platform for comments and much better provision to embed videos and photos than Twitter.

Google Plus is a much more robust and instant blogging platform

When it comes to Google Plus, you are not restricted to 140 or 420 characters. If you have expertise in your niche area, you are all set to share your content with the world, which will give you more attention. You can use it as a blog, that you can use to share with friends, clients, and co-workers. The benefit you enjoy with Google + is that you can format all your posts without any hassle unlike the way you do with a WordPress blog post. And as I said earlier, you can easily embed videos and photos to allow people to see whose blogging.

Google Plus enables you to customize functions and format of your content

Most of the big names in marketing who are switching to Google Plus are considering it to be an important social media hub. The main reason for the switch is due to the interface found over Google Plus, which helps everyone to communicate in a different way to different people all using one feed. You can use this platform to address the public via a blog post, you can tweet while addressing your circles (friends lists), and lastly, you can address your clients via your communities. In this way, you get the facility to customize the function and format of your content. It enables you to sit in the driver’s seat while sharing your expertise and content with a wide range of audiences.

With Google Plus, targeting your crowd becomes easy

Though the idea of Circles (filtering your friends/followers) was present from the very first day of Google Plus, using it effectively to promote content was seen rather late by most internet marketers. If you are able to create good circles with content related to your niche area then with an effective marketing and PR strategy, you can end up easily reaching your target audience.

Final word

Building up the audience over Google Plus could be the smartest thing you can do as a content marketer, especially in terms of better search rankings. Google Plus is known as an effective sharing platform, hence if you are looking ahead for a powerful content marketing strategy; it’s time you take Google Plus seriously, because what we’ve seen so far is just the beginning.

Author Bio: Alyssa is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books.

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