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Google Hates Me

A few minutes ago, showering, I was thinking about whether it’s possible that Google, a major corporation with more than 20.000 employees can possibly hate me? By the way. It was an awesome shower, relaxing, but the thoughts, well, they were interesting.

What did I ever do to upset Google?

Ouch. I remember.

I sold Text Link Ads for a few years.

I understand how Google’s PageRank is calculated, and the value of inbound links and internal links. And that links in content are more valuable. I also understand that I probably shouldn’t have sold text link ads, because when I started selling, my PageRank was 3 (or maybe it was 4, I keep forgetting), when I stopped selling, my PageRank was, and still is 0. I lost PR selling Text Link Ads.

But why did it drop to 0? I don’t believe that it was all because I was selling text link ads. Whatever the reason, it hurts. It still does.

My blog receives about 300 unique visitors a day from Google alone. They’re still indexing it. I’m still sort of one of the good guys. It’s been more than 3 months since I stopped selling text link ads, but nothing seems to be happening to my PageRank.

Google are still upset and I’m not happy about our relationship either, but at least the traffic hasn’t stopped.

Oh. I remember. Another ouch.

I was banned from AdSense four years ago (or maybe it was five years ago, I keep forgetting). I still don’t understand what happened though. I did something to upset Google way back. It seems that I’m banned for life, even though I don’t know what I did to get banned in the first place.

My hair is still wet from the shower, and already, I sort of understand why Google is upset, but hate? Well. That’s a strong word.

I like to think that I am a person who’ll forgive any action, as long as the other person asks for forgiveness. I’m not sure about Google though. Because they seem to really hate me. And they never forget.

6 responses to “Google Hates Me”

  1. Jaguar Paw says:

    Nice one Man. Keep it up.

  2. Ishan says:

    Google hates me too! I sold 3 links in 2009, and PR is still 0! 🙁

    • Wow, that’s bad. It took me a while to increase my PR from 0, several months. I don’t think much about PR, so you should be ok, because your blog is awesome and that’s what really counts 🙂

  3. Andrew Po says:

    Google hates me too 🙁 I never sold links but I got banned from AdSense like 6 years ago for being stupid.

    I recently made a new site and they nuked it off the search results. So I tried buying AdWords to promote it instead and they slapped it with 1/10 Quality Score. Yeah, I think they pretty much hate my guts. I bet there’s a huge database with two columns, Nice and Naughty, and I’m listed in the later one.

    It was totally my fault for getting banned at AdSense .What can I say, I was a new kid on the internet, so when I saw a guy on a forum talking about how to make easy money I jumped right in. Turns out he was running a click exchange circle. Predictably… I got owned by Google.

    The rest though, I seriously don’t have any idea why they hate me so much.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Your story seems to be similar to mine. What I don’t understand about Google is why they can’t forgive. It’s one thing that we messed up a long time ago, but why can’t they give us another try? It’s been many years, and most of us didn’t try to game the system, we just didn’t know any better.

      Thanks a lot for sharing.

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