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Google deleted their own blog

I just read that Google managed to delete their own blog.

At first I didn´t believe it, just had to look at the date.
But it´s not April 1st yet.

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2 responses to “Google deleted their own blog”

  1. omnipend says:

    I totally agree with you.

    I am satisfied with my earnings from various autosurf programs, and I will not quit just yet. But I see your point, and I am not a strong believer that this industry will last that long.

    However, I can´t believe what Stormpay is doing. If the rumors are true, then I don´t understand how Stormpay can keep on doing business.

  2. Karl Christen says:

    I think the autosurf industry if flawed, but so is the payment processing systems that we use to put money into their programs.

    Here are my 2 biggest problems with this whole autosurf issue.

    1) They do not use FDIC regulated banks, big problem as we can see now with Stormpay. If Stormpay was actually a bank, they would not have been able to sieze these surf companies funds, without a court order, or without the assistance of the federal goverment. Furthermore, anyone who had funds sitting in Stormpay’s accounts would have been insured if Stormpay’s director or owner had attempted to hijack the funds.

    2) The autosurfs themselves bother me. A) You can’t cash out at anytime. This should be a big RED ALERT to anyone putting their money into something like this. B) They don’t force you to add a website that you wish to advertise. With 12 Daily Pro, it was totally optional. C) They should not allow referral fee’s. You can create allot of trouble for your company and your program with referral fee’s, look at the school in Utah which had students handing out business cards as if they were real investment advisors. HUGE problem for everyone in the program.

    3) The autosurf companies do not really trade website views, or give you the opportunity to get your site out to more people with their upgrades. I noticed on 12 Daily, that my website only was viewed the same number of times that I viewed other sites, and this was despite the investment of my money into their system. I guess I could have purchased banner add’s, but I thought the system was really about viewing other websites and then having my site viewed by others, and I would get more views to my site for every dollar I put into the system. Mathmatically that would limit the number of paying members, and would require 12 Daily to attrack more unpaying viewers. I can see why the autosurf wouldn’t want to attempt this, because they would loose money in advertising and never increase quickly enough to draw a big enough base.

    Finally, I do think these autosurfs are a fraud, despite the best intentions of a number of the owners of these sites. I really think they are kidding themselves into believing that this type of business is actually legitimate. I guess the following would have to happen before I would ever join one of these programs again.

    1. Surety Bond of a million dollars for every 10,000 subscribers.
    2. Payment processor that is FDIC approved, or the autosurf company had been approved by VISA or Mastercard to accept payments.
    3. A mainline investor, fortune 500 company, there needs to be someone solid that is behind the scenes that is underwriting the company, or is in a position to bail out the investors and customers of that autosurf company if something goes bad.

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