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Google AdSense Alternatives

If you are one of the many people who have been banned by Google AdSense, don’t get frustrated there is still hope. There are at least three really good alternatives out there.

I am not sure if one of them is better than the others. I have tried them all with various results. One of the differences between the three (as far as I can see) is that Text Link Ads does not provide us with system ads… they only sell ads for your site, not like Google AdSense. You can still earn cash, but then people would have to order ads on your site and not just click on them.

For more alternatives to Google AdSense, visit Rosalind Gardner’s list of 39 alternatives.

2 responses to “Google AdSense Alternatives”

  1. Sam Jackson says:

    Google Adsense is the best revenue advertising program but I really don’t agree that it’s the best of all. Adsense has VERY strictly rules and may ban you even if you didn’t do anything to get that ban and the worst thing is, you cannot appeal (you can but you won’t get your account back).

    Infolinks- this is probably the worst advertising media, it has ONLY facebook ads and they are really untargeted that’s why I really don’t recommend this media, really bad.
    Adsense wins if you can have your account.

  2. Vrushali says:

    Actually, I have tried all of them as Google Alternatives. But The truth is that no one compete with Adsense at all. For smaller blogs I would advise about:
    Amazon Display ads : one of LOW CPM ad network.
    Bidvertisor and Clicksor: serve low-quality ads, so your site may be flagged as malicious.
    Viglink, Skimlinks, Infolinks, Chitika: Low rates. Infolinks makes blogs look too busy when they use the inframe and infold ads.

    RevenueHits is a SPAM ad networks. You can check it’s reputation on the internet.

    Adversal, Adsoptimal, Media[.]net are still BEST high paying Google Adsense alternatives for our blog. They have better designs, which provides better result next to AdSense.

    From my experience, I would like to say, don’t limit yourself to any one AD NETWORK. Try other ad networks and see which one work the best with your micro-niche blog. Since you are trying micro-niche blog, try monetizing with affiliate products. I would recommend to you & for others to try more network, and figure out which one is working best for their blog type.

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