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Good customer service – one ecstatic customer a day

I’ve been writing about the importance of good customer service before and why being different is not it (anymore). At the moment, I’m developing a system based on the following question: What would happen if you decide to make one customer ecstatic every day?

You need a system to have a system, a culture, for good customer service. Everything starts with a smile. Your smile is how you start to recruit loyal customers. If you focus on making one customer ecstatic every day, most of the time you’ll get instant positive feedback, you’ll have a lot of fun at work, and after a few weeks, you’ll experience even more.

Good customer service will make people call you and re-order. You’ll get thank-you letters, and referrals. When you make people feel ecstatic, they won’t forget you. They’ll talk about you to their friends.

Define good customer service

It starts with a smile, but you need to define what good customer service is. My definition is based on a quote by Nelson Boswell; always give people more than what they expect to get. And if you combine it with a quote from JC Penny that every business is built on friendship, that’s what good customer service is. Always give your customers more than what they expect to get and become friends with them.

That’s exactly what happened with the pizza delivery guy. He gave me a ride home. I was about to walk for 30 minutes, he stopped and asked me if he should drive me home. That’s what friends do.

The method I’m using

Select a random customer of the day. Make this a complete surprise for the customer. You can create an award, that gives you and your customer a reason to celebrate. You can give a gift, a certificate, or a discount, anything that’s related to your business and that’ll make your customer feel ecstatic.

It doesn’t have to be complex or expensive.

Track what you do. You can use a spreadsheet, add the names of the people you’ve selected and keep looking for remarkable results. You don’t need to do the same things over and over again. Remember, all of your customers are unique, they’re different, and you need to become friends with them and understand who they are and what you should do to make them ecstatic.

4 responses to “Good customer service – one ecstatic customer a day”

  1. Love it Jens
    Some of the most interesting things in my life have happened due to random kindness and the like
    That in turn leads to the idea of great customer service. Which one department store in the US does, can’t remember which. They do more than necessary for customer. I have even heard stories where they drive people home and such.

    Even if you don’t get a customer, you might gain a friend, right?

    happy new year

    • Hi Ashley,

      I’ve been reading about Zappos, and they’re doing some amazing things for their customers. Think of your customer like he’s your friend, it’ll make everything so much easier.

      I’m a loyal customer just a few places, and that’s the companies I really care about, because they’ve become my friend and they keep doing things that make me happy.

      Happy New Year to you as well.


  2. Adrian Jock says:

    Hi Jens,

    It’s an interesting idea, but… if I may… you may want to update your headline. I’ve seen it on Triberr and I was confused… “What does he mean by good customer service – one customer a day?” Definitely wrong, one customer a day is NOT a good customer service.

    If you make a little change like, “…one ecstatic customer…” – then you change the meaning a lot, it makes sense and it makes the headline match the point of the article 😉

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