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Go Bears!

There are times when I feel like I am not a part of the real world, times when I think that I actually don´t understand what´s going on at all. The problem is that we are all a part of the world, borders are more or less obsolete today and everything has turned out to be “local” news. When there´s an earthquake somewhere in Asia, I usually hear about it before the people living a few miles a way from it.

But sometimes I get clues that something is happening or about to happen and the clues just doesn´t mean a thing to me. For many days now I have been receiving e-mails from people using “Go Bears!” in their signatures. Yes, that has been their only signature and it might be a bold statement, I don´t really know. I didn´t think much about it at first, but when so many people had this signature I started to think about what I had missed now. I sort of knew that it had to be some kind of sport event, because who else says something like Go Bears without any explanation, only sport fans do stuff like that, or maybe voters to the presidental campaign in the US, Go Hillary! Well, maybe not… not sure which candidate would be identified with Go Bears.

Yesterday I finally got it, Go Bears has to refer to the Superbowl. I am not watching the NFL and I have no clue what the teams are called, so that´s probably why I couldn´t guess it before yesterday. Maybe we can actually learn some marketing tricks from this?

I am not sure who I am hoping will win, I am not sure who the Bears are playing, actually I am not sure who the Bears are either.

Go Bears!

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