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Glitch Turned Into Powerful Marketing

It’s time to bring to the surface, once again, a wonderful marketing story. It’s a story with two sides. One is true, the other is not. I still don’t know which one is true. Either way, it ended up as really powerful marketing.

Let me first tell you the story, how it has been told to me, and what most people think happened.

Electronic Arts created the popular game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’08. A guy found a glitch while playing. Tiger Woods could walk on water, and could take shots while standing on water. He created a video of the glitch, and published it on YouTube to share it with the world.

This is the glitch:

You might think that this would have a negative impact on the reputation of Electronic Arts and on this particular game.

What happened in the end was the opposite.

Electronic Arts responded with their own video, showing Tiger Woods on an actual golf course, walking on water and doing the now famous “Jesus shot”. Their response was perfect, maybe too perfect?

What happened was that they created a viral marketing campaign, intentionally or not. A lot of people watched the videos, and talked about the glitch, the game, Tiger Woods, and Electronic Arts. It ended up as a major success.

This is the video from Electronic Arts:

If it really was a glitch, their response was perfect. It made everything fun, and people started to doubt the glitch.

If it wasn’t a glitch, it was a perfect viral marketing campaign.

This would be the scenario; Electronic Arts made Tiger Woods walk on water, anticipated that a player would notice and publish the story on YouTube or any other major social media website. They created their video, waited, and published it as soon as the buzz was there.

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