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The Gift of Imperfection

My biggest failure in 2013 was that while I did a lot, I wasn’t great at just being me.

This is my first blog post of 2014. I was going to write a best of… but, as I was looking through my articles, I just stopped.

I am in the kitchen. I realize that I could have been anywhere in the world. But, I’m happy with what I’ve got. I’m just staring at the screen – typing. I usually listen to music while I’m writing, but today I wanted it to be different. I thought that I’d leave the headphones off. I wanted the serenity and a quiet moment. I wanted the moment to be free from everything. I wanted a moment to clear my mind and let my thoughts take me away. I want this to be brief, but personal – and not a best of – anything.

I want 2014 to be about imperfection. I want 2014 to be the year that people understand the gift of imperfection.

I am a lot more impressed with someone who tells me about their failures, than when someone talks about how great their life is, and what a wonderful job they’re doing. Don’t get me wrong. I want people to share the path to success, and I really want the path to be quick and free. I just don’t share the same enthusiasm about success as I do with imperfection.

Most people seem to focus on sharing the stories of what works. Many times, those stories doesn’t resonate with me. I keep listening, but I get bored easily. I am no good with faces. I can hardly remember any names. Well, unless, people make a huge impact on me. The stories of success doesn’t stick.

What I want. What I really want, is for you to share your failures and what you did, that most likely, I’ve already done, or will most likely do in the near future, if you don’t tell me exactly what I shouldn’t do. When you open up, I become your friend and your ally. I’ll be with you forever. I want to know more, and I’ll remember everything about you.

It’s a lot harder to tell people that you’ve failed, than to tell them about your success. Sharing your imperfection is a gift that will leave people breathless.

I even believe in sharing imperfection when it comes to business and marketing.

Do you believe in the gift of imperfection?

13 responses to “The Gift of Imperfection”

  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Jens,

    Finding the right mix of success and failures works well for me. Stress your imperfection and celebrate your victories. If someone only talks about their failures,….I ask myself….”Why would I want to learn from this guy?” I need to follow successful people, not failures πŸ˜‰

    If someone talks only about their successes I cannot relate with them, because humans succeed AND fail. Find that right mix.


  2. Bren says:

    Ahh you are so right Jens. People are quit to let you know how successful they are but fail to tell you how many times they failed prior to getting success. I think failure is part of everyone’s life and makes us stronger. I’ll be the first to admit if I fail at something and gladly share my faults. No one is perfect imo.

  3. Ah, wabi-sabi…perfection in imperfection.
    As the words in the Leonard Cohen song say:
    “Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack, a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in.

    I tried to leave a link to a wonderful Wabi-Sabi post in brainpickings but it wouldn’t allow me to do so:( Will tweet it. Cheers! Kaarina

  4. Phillip Dews says:

    Awesome first post of the year buddy! My last few posts were somewhat honest and emotional ones as well! This post reminds me of the people on FB who love to show off their money and their successful program. They just look scammy and someone not to follow!

    I personally love to read about people who have failed then learned then succeeded from learning!

    I had someone leave a comment on my blog the other day and left a quote that got me to thinking….
    “Before you start, they will give you all sort of reasons why you can’t be successful but when you succeed, they will be asking how you did it.”

    Happy New Year Jens i hope it going to be a successful one!
    – Phillip

  5. Agreed, Jens.

    While I don’t have a preference of listening to stories (success vs failures)…I prefer failing first (and that’s what I tell others).

    I learn a lot more from my failures. Sure, it is nice to succeed in the first try (and it may have other cons aside from learning – over confidence. It’s real easy to become over confident, especially when we succeed in the first try).

    I think the problem is that our world doesn’t exactly encourage failure…we want perfection…in a world of imperfect beings. We don’t like failure or committing mistakes (honestly, I don’t either, especially when they are silly mistakes. But, I understand the value of each mistake).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Jens πŸ™‚

    Note: might want to check your Anti back linker plugins message..I got the message about not meeting the requirements (but it doesn’t specify what the requirement is).

  6. Josh says:

    If you never fail you aren’t living and you aren’t trying. I hate failing but I hate not living more.

  7. Michele Price says:

    Each year I commit to myself a word that will guide me as I journey through another year of life. This year it is purity.

    Everyone of those years has had many failures that lead to a new level of growth.

    Funny how we hear people tear others down by announcing their failures as a badge of why they are “not so special”, yet you value their scrapped knees. (I like your stance better)

    Maybe if we were not judged by our failures, more people would hold them up to the light of day.

  8. Claude says:

    Great article. I like it. I guess all of us went through the same situation where we fail. But it’s better to experience it so that we can do even better next time. Thanks for sharing this post here!

  9. Kate says:

    Your explanation on imperfection vs. success is compelling. Well done. Imperfection is quite my friend :).

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