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Get Your Own Free Banner

It´s pretty hard to design your own banner, especially if you want it too look good and get people clicking. Well, as I see it you have three choices when it comes to the banner that you are going to use. I am not considering that you design your own banner a choice, because I am writing this post to all the people who do not have the skills to design it themselves (and I am one of them).

You can use the banner from the business that you are promoting, but so will everybody else, and you might experience less clicks because of this. You can pay a webdesigner to design your banner. This banner might be really cool, but it will cost you, and some designers are really expensive. The third choice is that you can use a free banner design. And this might be good enough for you, actually I see banners from every single day.

The banners are pretty good, the only problem is that the text “Free Ad by” is on them. You get to write your own slogan on them, and pick your own design, but the text from will be there. And this might scare some customers away, because they might think that, well, how can his business be so profitable if he is using free banners?

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