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Get paid to click by ClixSense

I have just received information about a business that will pay you to view 30-second ads. It´s very similar to a traffic exchange, but what you do when you sign up is that you give the company information about your interests and a little background info about yourself. This way they will provide you with ads that you hopefully will enjoy.

You get a list of ads with an image and details, just click on the ad that you want to view and view it for 30 seconds and you will earn money. You won´t earn a lot per ad, as of now I have just seen ads that pays $0.02, but from what I hear you can earn a lot more. ClixSense is free, so you can earn money just by joining for free and clicking (like you do on a normal traffic exchange). There´s an option to upgrade to a premium account for a one time fee of $10. The site states that you will get more ads to click (and probably ads that pay you more) if you upgrade. The reason for this is that many advertisers want to display ads to people who have actually bought something online, by using a credit card or an online payment processor like Paypal.

I have joined for free just to see what it was all about. I have clicked a few ads and it seems to be working. So far I have earned $0.12 🙂 ClixSense are also offering an affiliate program, where you will earn “earn 10% of the revenues collected from your referrals and 50% commission on any member you refer who upgrades their account to premium status.”

This seems to be a good alternative to regular traffic exchanges and a pretty good way to earn money online without paying anything, well, you could pay the one time fee of $10 – but I don´t know how long it would take you to earn the $10 that you paid to upgrade. I will at least test it for a few weeks to see how good it is.

I almost forgot to mention that ClixSense might also be a good way to advertise your site / business.

The reason my headline says get paid to click and not paid to view, is that it works like a regular traffic exchange where you actually don´t have to view the ad (it´s enough that you click and wait for 30 seconds while you surf other sites). To be more effective for the advertisers, they should probably have done something during the 30 seconds, other than wait for the ad to finish displaying.

2 responses to “Get paid to click by ClixSense”

  1. Dawud Miracle says:

    Jens. I use Aweber for my newsletter. Love the service and the customer service. I also use it for my feed list. I don’t like it for my feed list. I only have the option of sending my feeds as partial posts.

    I’ve looked at FeedBurner for email and like it. Doesn’t appear to have any sort of database interface. No biggie, I don’t use Aweber’s features for my feed list anyhow. I’d just like to be sure that FeedBurner would let me export the list I accumulate if I decide to move.

  2. Tim Linden says:

    I tried FeedBurner and Aweber and stuck with Aweber. You can customize the way the emails are sent out with Aweber.

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