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Get More Subscribers With Raffle Site Script

I am not a fan of raffles in the offline world, I am usually not anywhere close to being part of any raffle, unless my kids really demands it.

But I can see that a lot of people like it. It’s sort of entertaining, and people like to be able to think that they can win. It doesn’t matter what the prices are, as long as they are able to win. Well, of course, the better the prices are, the more people will be part of the raffle.

Now, you can use raffles on your own website. You can use them to build your list.

Check out The Raffle Site Script

It seems that you can get a lot of options, and that you give away almost anything to the winners (digital products with a direct download url, or physical products).

The price seems to be ok as well, it’s only $19.95 for the personal license, but you can also buy the private lable rights after you have bought the script, just add $9.97)

The sales page tells us that with The Raffle Site Script we can build our list on autopilot. I am not sure, but people do love raffles and maybe the raffle site script can be really helpful?

I have never used it, but I like the options and I find it interesting.

Check out The Raffle Site Script

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