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Get in fast – this is brand new

No, I am not offering you the MLM of your dreams. This is just a comment on what I believe is destroying this business.

It seems like I am getting offers like this every single day; get in fast – this is brand new, you will be on top, nobody knows about this but me and you. If you get messages like that, think twice before you join. Usually it´s not a good thing to be first or on the top and most of the time, if you are joining a prelaunch, the company will probably not last for long.

Many of the new companies will only last a few months. I have joined many of the “get in fast” business opportunities, and none have lasted a long time. Some have lasted a few years, but most have closed down due to some poor excuses during the first year. I believe that most “get in fast” opportunities are scams. They might not seem like a scam, but I think that all they wanted in the first place was to get as many paying members as possible and when their member base became large enough, they close it down. They might have earned themselves a few thousand dollars, and then they start another “get in fast scheme”.

Some “get in fast” opportunities are free and all they want to do is build their database of people trying to earn money online. This way they can “rob” them later on.

Sometimes it´s not the company´s fault that they suddenly become a “get in fast” hype. There are many Internet marketers only looking for prelaunches, and all they want to do is send an email to their list of people and tell them to join at the top. This way they will earn money by just sending out an email to the list.

Just a few thoughts on a rainy day 🙂

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