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GDI at the top of Alexa

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Global Domains International, regarding their website and how well it is ranking at Alexa. If you consider other big companies, GDI can be considered among the top. If you look at their Alexa score, they are at the moment I am writing this post at number 4,123 – that´s a great score.

But why is GDI among the top at Alexa, can it be because the site is also the site where all members of GDI have to log in to their accounts? If GDI has more than 600,000 members and each person have to log in using, they will have a large amount of traffic every single day, just because of this. And of course, a lot of people will be linking to because this is how they get new referrals, but this will also be the case with most MLM or network marketing companies.

The score of GDI says something about the company, it tells us all that it is a major player and that it has a huge amount of traffic. In the e-mail I received, the company told me that “A Top 1,000 ranking is within our reach, and some of the largest, most successful companies on the planet are soon to be passed up by GDI. Be proud to know that you are part of the explosive growth that is taking place in our company!”

I am not sure if another MLM company has this kind of Alexa ranking. If you take a look at New School of Network Marketing, then GDI would be at the top (I can´t find them in the list, not sure why). The top company is Avon with a ranking of 5,148.

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  1. annalaura says:

    This is very true. I have made mistakes in links sent out in emails and it is so embarrassing.

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