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Is GDI a scam?

Recently I have been surfing the web for a little more information about Global Domains International (GDI). I have seen so many advertisements lately about the company (just about everywhere online), so I just had to get a little more information to see what it was all about.

How good is this opportunity really? As I can see it you only earn $1 from each of your signups and it might take a while to earn good money, but they do offer some great marketing tools. The opportunity might be good, too early for me to tell. But the reason that I am writing this post today is that I found a very interesting topic over at forum.

The topic is regarding if GDI is a scam or not (I am not claiming anything), and it seems that some of its members are complaining about the support.

I have joined GDI to test it myself. So far it seems to be a very interesting company, and the most interesting part about it the effective marketing. If you join a system called, then you will actually get a guarantee from them that they will put 3 people in your downline for free. If they canĀ“t manage to do that, they will pay for your first month at GDI.

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