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Gary Vaynerchuck is Famous in Norway

Right now, as you are reading this, I am at a marketing conference in Norway. A conference I have been very eager to attend for a long time, and the reason is actually two people; Chris Brogan and Gary Vaynerchuck.

You might not consider this as news, because both Chris Brogan and Gary Vaynerchuck are famous everywhere. I know, but bear with me for a few minutes, I just want to show you something.

I live in Norway, and the people who are famous in the US are not always considered celebrities in Norway.

The conference I am attending is a big deal in Norway. A lot of the best speakers in the world are here:



See the list of all the speakers at Gulltaggen (the site is actually in English).

The conference starts today on April 12.

Gary Vaynerchuck

I find it fascinating that I am going to attend a seminar with Gary Vaynerchuck for 3 hours, and it seems to be the only seminar without any description. There are no title and no details at all. It’s only his name and his picture. That’s all.

I can hardly wait. I have read his book Crush it, it was brilliant, and I have just bought The Thank You Economy. To me, Gary Vaynerchuck doesn’t need a topic or a detailed description. And I guess that’s true for the other people attending the conference as well.

Sometimes, the less you say, the more you are actually saying.

That’s why I am saying that Gary Vaynerchuck is famous in Norway. If all they need in order to get people to come to his seminar, is his name and his picture. Well, then I he’s got to be famous. Don’t you think?

This is the description of the seminar:

Now, I just hope he’ll show up. I still remember the same conference, two years ago, when I was waiting for Seth Godin. Five minutes before he was going to be on stage, they told us that he was speaking to us live from his home in the US. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.


I love conferences, although I am way too shy to use it as a place to network and find people to talk to. I am the guy in the corner.

11 responses to “Gary Vaynerchuck is Famous in Norway”

  1. Gil Pizano says:

    Jens, This is interestingly a very good example of personal branding. It’s almost safe to say the having no description on the seminar is to demonstrate a point and he “may” bring up the subject of that point during the seminar. Thank you very much for sharing what you’ve been experiencing so far at the conference and the expectations you have for it. I’ll be curious to know (maybe via a ‘part 2’ post to this post) what you think of on how the seminar with Mr. Vaynerchuck goes.

    Best Regards,


    • jens says:

      Hi Gil,

      The seminar was awesome, Gary Vaynerchuck talked about his latest book, The Thank You Economy. And there was a Q&A. It was packed, so there was definitively some kind of statement, although he didn’t talk about it.

      I’ll write more about it soon.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Gil.

  2. Dino Dogan says:

    Dude..have fun 🙂 Take pictures 🙂

    As for the famous bit, the thing that always floors me is that these guys are HUGE in the social media world but the people I speak to (business owners leveraging social marketing) have no idea who these people are.

    Not even Gary Vee who has been on a ton of TV programs here in US and has a bestseller. Our world is so small….lets just say none of these guys is Kim Kardashian …how sad.

    Oh..and btw…rape lol

    • jens says:

      Hi Dino,

      I’ll do my best to take pictures although I only brought my iPhone
      I saw Chris Brogan today as well, by the bar. I didn’t talk to him. I am too shy
      I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow. The conference starts with another Gary Vee show.

  3. Ricardo Nuñez says:

    Hey Jens,
    I saw some tweets from Chris, Gary and Mary this morning and I knew they were in a conference together, but I didn’t know they were in the same conference than you. How cool is that?
    Gary is one of my favorite speakers, he puts a lot of energy. I like Chris’ blog he always brings a different perspective to business.

    • jens says:

      Hi Ric,

      That’s interesting. I didn’t tweet much from the conference, and I haven’t done much of anything other than getting lots of impressions and taking mental notes. I’ll probably write a post about it soon.

      The conference was awesome, and some really brilliant people. I couldn’t believe that they were in Norway 🙂

  4. I’ve been thinking about you this week Jens knowing the big conference is coming up. I’ll be in blog world next month so I’ll be sure to listen to Gary V there, but you’ve beaten me to the punch. Thrilled for you man and thanks for sharing a great marketing story here as well.



    • jens says:

      Hi Marcus,

      Wow, Blog World sounds awesome. That’s going to be one of my long term goals to come to one of these big events in the US.

      Gary Vaynerchuck was awesome, 100% passion and I think he was the best speaker (because he was the most engaging). But Chris Brogan was a lot more funny than I would have guessed. And, Avinash Kaushik was brilliant.

      I only brought my iPhone so I didn’t do any blog commenting, or almost anything other than being at the conference.

      Talk to you soon. Thanks a lot for the comment.

  5. Mark Errol says:

    Now that is so cool! Were you able to get close with Gary Vaynerchuck and talk to him personally? You’re so lucky my friend. I wish I am also.

  6. Danica Stone says:

    I’ve seen his name pop up to my twitter quite often. I’m not a pro on internet marketing but I can tell that Gary Vaynerchuck is famous.

  7. Joseph Hipolito says:

    This is my first time to meet that man, nice to know about him..

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