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Funny from The Google Adsense Team

A while ago I was banned from Google Adsense. I still don´t know why, because The Google Adsense Team won´t tell me. I don´t believe that I have done anything wrong, but even though I have provided them with all sorts of information, they still won´t tell me anything.

What´s really funny, is that about a week later, after I got banned. I received a letter from Google in the mail. I opened it, and thought that this was some kind of a joke. Google had sent me a letter with the header: “Welcome to Google Adsense”. First they banned me, now they are welcoming me. What is happening? They sent me a PIN so I could start using Adsense.

What probably happened is that they sent me the letter just about the time when they banned me. It probably took about a week or so to get the letter from the US to Norway (where I live). Because when I tried to log in and use the PIN, it didn´t work.

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