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Funniest Banner Ads I have Seen

I might be saying something that I will regret, but I am going to show you the best banner ads that I have ever seen. When I say ever, I should probably adjust it to “the best banner ads I have seen in a very long time”. I know that I wrote the funniest banner ads as the title, I just canīt make up my mind. Are they just funny or are they really good? The reason that I think they are so funny, is probably my sense of humor (yes, I like American Pie).

The program is called Get Google Ads Free. And according to both their site and their domain, itīs possible to get all your Google AdWords ads for free. Well, I am not sure how good the program really is, but just look at their banners!

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They have many more, but this is just a selection of some of the best (well, according to my opinion). I think that they are really good, and thatīs because they will make you look and at least I would click. But the reason that I am not sure how good they really are is that I think that many people might get a little offended by them. Some get offended by nudity and some people even like George Bush 🙂

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    Thanks for this very nice feedback.
    We will try our best to make AutoRoll as relevant as possible. Thanks again for your help!

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