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FuelMyBlog and TheGoodBlogs

Today I joined two communities of bloggers, one that I have seen on many blogs before and one that I hadn´t seen or heard of before today. The first one is FuelMyBlog, not sure what it really is other than that if you get enough votes you get to be on the great wall of blogs (sort of like a “hall of fame”). If you are on the great wall of blogs, you will be on the front page of FuelMyBlog and I guess that means more traffic for you.

If you are not on the great wall of blogs you don´t get any traffic at all, at least I am not sure how to get it. I can´t seem to find a search engine anywhere on the site and I can´t find any blogs other than the blogs on the great wall of blogs, so please vote for my blog or else I won´t get any traffic from FuelMyBlog. I have added a widget for it as well, you can view it way down on my sidebar.

The other community of bloggers is TheGoodBlogs, a community in currently in beta. I have also installed a widget in my sidebar. This widget will show you topics from other blogs from the community writing similar posts as I am, or at least using the same tags as I am. I really like the look and feel at TheGoodBlogs, but I have no idea if it will bring any new traffic to my site. I guess I just have wait and see.

Now, I am off to Stockholm (the capitol of Sweden).

Have a great Easter!

4 responses to “FuelMyBlog and TheGoodBlogs”

  1. Jens says:

    Thanks, I have never heard of tadalist before.

    Will give it a try.

  2. Tim Linden says:

    I use Basecamp (which is a sister site to Backpack)

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