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From Smarter Searches to More Socialization: What’s the Next Big Thing for the Internet?

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Some 2.4 billion people are connected to the internet and waiting for the next big thing. They go above and beyond and push limits to find the newest and hottest things. So what will become the next online trend? Read on for our hot tips.

Online Searches Getting Smarter

online searches getting smarter
Online searches already bring us information in an instant, but they’re getting even smarter. What once were minimal return hits on searches or wide range results are now turning into specific and tailored outcomes. Take Google! They recently introduced its Knowledge Graph, which presents the information you’re likely to look for, and other related areas of interest, in the search results page.

LinkedIn also brought its fractured searches together to create a unified tool which presents people, companies, jobs, and groups on a single page. The professional networking site is also upgrading its search engine algorithms. Its new search will learn your behavior to deliver more relevant results over time. So, less work for you and a better end result!

Facebook is preparing to improve its search functions with its Social Graph, a feature which draws from the content of your connections as well as public data. Similarly, Bing’s new Social Search uses the knowledge of your social networking contacts and trusted experts.

We can expect to see major social networking sites and search engines further refining their searches to work even better for us in the future.

The Socialization Boom

As time marches on, we’ll be socializing online more than ever before.

As of 2009, there are more social networking accounts than e-mail addresses. Approximately 68 per cent of us log on to a social networking website at least once a month. By 2014, that statistic should jump to around 71 per cent.

While Facebook is the major player in this space with 67 per cent of adults logging on, newer image-based sites like Instagram and Pinterest are on the rise. Last July, Pinterest attracted 29 million American users each week, up from just 1.27 million a year earlier. At the same time Instagram attracted 12 million weekly visitors, a massive jump from the 56, 360 that visited each week 12 months before.

Video Networking on the Horizon

We’ve enjoyed sharing images with our pals, but video may be the next frontier.

Fledgling social platform Vine is tipped to be the next big thing for browsers. Just as Twitter pioneered the concept of microblogging, Vine encourages its users to make mini-movies. With just six seconds to play with, the site’s members must be creative and concise. Less than three weeks after its January 2013 launch, users were sharing more than 2,300 videos every hour.

Television Viewing Harnesses the Internet

Once upon a time we all spent our evenings staring at the idiot box. We’re still watching TV, but last year just 30 per cent of us were watching a traditional set. A whopping 70 per cent were tuning into our favorite shows on our personal computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Electronics manufacturers are responding with the launch of Smart TVs, clever sets that combine the classic appeal of television with the wonders of the internet. Currently they take advantage of pre-set programming, but we should enjoy more personalized services in future. Dish Network and Viacom plan to release bundled networks targeted at various demographics, and other providers should quickly roll out similar services.

Author Bio

Emily Green is a freelance writer that enjoys to travel. She is a foodie at heart and loves dogs. No matter where she is she finds a way to keep connected. make this possible. Follow her on Twitter at @emgreen85.

9 responses to “From Smarter Searches to More Socialization: What’s the Next Big Thing for the Internet?”

  1. James says:

    Initially TV was the source of entertainment and I watch it every evening with my family when I was a school going kid. But now I did not like to sit in front of TV. I like to do other things on my smartphone.

  2. I literally watch TV shows all evening on my smartphone. My television has not been on in 3 yearrs. I’m not even sure it still works.

  3. Saanvi says:

    Great article and I had a great read. I agree, we need to offer solutions to people’s long-reigning problems. We even need to provide solutions for people’s problems that are still yet to come – we need to be an advance thinker. We also need to be unique to stand out from the crowd.

  4. Okto says:

    It’s an intelligent report! I believe online search will be more crucial than before. That’s why Facebook or other social media platform develop search algorithm.

  5. Lisa says:

    Emily, very interesting post as things are changing how we search, view entertainment and do just about everything. Social networks have changed a lot on how we communicate too today. I barely watch TV anymore except for news and maybe a movie before going to sleep.

  6. Karnal Singh says:

    Rightly said socialisation is becoming more and more popular….I think one of the biggest reason is the availability of Internet on the mobile phones…..

  7. Robert Black says:

    As Karnal above says, mobile is becoming more and more important. I can’t remember the last time I accessed Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn from my PC. I either use my smartphone or my tablet. Although Pinterest works better with the bigger PC screen.

  8. imam Fahrudin says:

    Hey! I love your post. Its a very relevant and important topic and I think you’ve explained multiple aspects very well. Thanks for the information.

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