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This is FREE, but …

I get a lot of incredible offers. The offers I like the most are the ones telling me that this incredible deal is absolutely free. The only thing you need to do before you get the incredible software or the amazing e-book is to submit your name and e-mail address, and BAAAM it´s yours.

Why do you think that this person or company is offering such a great deal? Well, they are not doing it just to be nice to you.

They are doing it to get a hold of your contact information! This way they can send you their great deals in the future. They might not get a sale the next hour or so, but what about the next couple of day, the next weeks, months or so. They might get a lot more than just one sale.
The contact information from a person who are used to spending money online and at the same time are looking for a way to earn money online. Well, that contact information is worth a lot. People are willing to pay a lot for this information, they are willing to offer you a lot of stuff to get it.

I just wish that people would say it to your face. We just want your contact information, this is the only reason why we are offering you this deal! …and by the way, the deal we are offering is not that great.

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