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Free Traffic With Yahoo! 360

I haven´t tried it myself yet, but I have read about it and I have talked to a few people about it. So, I thought why not give you the information right away instead of maybe weeks from now, after I have tested it and seen that it works or not. Well, my point is that this Yahoo! 360 site is social networking combined with blogging. And I think that this site might bring you a lot of new traffic if you use it right.

So, how do you use it right? That´s the problem, I haven´t tried it yet and I don´t really know. From what I have heard it´s a lot like MySpace and it´s very easy to use, you don´t need to know html or any programming / coding at all. Just point and click and write.

You can create a blog, create lists of items that you recommend, add affiliate reviews, and more. And it uses some of the features that makes Facebook so popular. You can invite other Yahoo! 360 users to become your friends. My problem with this is that will Yahoo! 360 eventually be competing with Ojeez?

I am not sure that there are so many sites that combines the power of social networking and blogging, so Yahoo! 360 and Ojeez might be on to something. Well, let´s see, first I guess I have to create an account at Yahoo! 360 before I even know how interesting this is, well, it´s a Yahoo! service and that probably says it all.

Visit Yahoo! 360 and create a free account today.

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