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Free Traffic With 25 peeps

I just discovered a new site with an interesting method of driving free traffic to your blog. In order to get traffic from 25 peeps, you need to upload your picture. The picture needs to be an interesting one, because that’s all the visitors to this site ever see. If it’s interesting enough they will click on it and then they will end up at your blog (your picture is linked to your place on the web).

It seems that mostly girls are at the top spots here, but a few guys with “interesting” pictures can be found as well. Not sure if this is something for me, but from the statistics at 25 peeps it seems that you can get a lot of new visitors if you got the right picture.

4 responses to “Free Traffic With 25 peeps”

  1. Dawud Miracle says:

    Hey Jens…there might be a plugin for this, though I’ve not seen one. What I do is publish the post – but as a private post. That way it doesn’t show up in RSS nor is it public on the site. Then I delete the post using the manage tab. It’s worked so far and I’ve heard/seen no complaints.

  2. jens says:

    Thank you Dawud, I didn´t think of doing it like that.

  3. Dawud Miracle says:

    Certainly. Always glad to help.

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