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Free Marketing Strategy For Discussion Forums

I am referring to discussions and threads at forums. A lot of people uses discussion forums as a way to promote their business instead of using them for discussions. The strategy they use is this; they post to popular forums with a lot of members and traffic, they post as many times as possible. This way their “discussion” will always be close to the top of the category. Instead of discussing, asking questions and trying to help each other out, they post the same stuff over and over again, and try to tell everybody about all the new members joining every single day, and that you are missing the big opportunity if you donīt join today.

I have seen many groups of people contributing to this kind of hype. One example is the Global Domains International “discussion” at the Money Maker Group Forum. At the moment I am writing this, itīs 167 pages of posts, and the new posts are all about saying good job and welcoming new members and telling everybody to join as fast as possible. The topic of GDI is always among the top five at the referral, mlm and network marketing discussion category. It seems that nothing new is ever happening, other than members trying to get the topic to be at the top, so more people would read it and more people will join GDI and their team.

I am not sure what I think about this free traffic strategy. One thing is for sure, itīs not illegal. They are not doing anything wrong, other than that what they are doing can be looked at as a way of spamming the forums. But members and guests donīt have to read it, they can just ignore it… so itīs really not spam, or at least I donīt think it is. But are they sort of “destroying” the forum, and keeping the good discussions away from the readers? One discussion that only has 20 posts, will almost never be visible if you donīt search for it. So, itīs not all good. But the GDI team are for sure getting new members this way.

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