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Free Marketing Club

I just received the news about a free marketing club being launched (actually it´s in pre-launch as I am writing this). After visiting their site, my first thoughts were that this is a lead capture page. The only reason why they launched their free marketing club was to get new people for their businesses. I don´t know if this is true, because I haven´t joined and I haven´t looked inside the arsenal of marketing material yet.

Maybe the club is great?

You be the judge:

3 responses to “Free Marketing Club”

  1. Tim Jackson- Masiguy says:

    Wow, thanks for adding us to the Carnival. I/ we am/are flattered. Our new blog has only been up a short while and we are already rolling with quite a lot of steam.

    Ibis is a great example of brand building and developing a strong following of devoted brand evangelists. Scot Nicol is a genius.

    Tim Jackson- Masiguy
    Brand Manager- Masi Bicycles
    Chief Kool-Aid Dispenser

  2. noah says:

    great job posting this week!!!


  3. carey says:

    good diversity of postings to the carnival!

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