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Free IQ – A very interesting free affiliate center

If you are looking for a place to sell your stuff on the Internet, you might want to join Free IQ. They have just launched their free affiliate center, actually they are still in beta. An affiliate center means that you can have multiple stores and sell whatever you want (at least I think that you can sell close to everything here) and it doesn´t cost you a dime to join. (you probably need to pay a small fee if people buy something from you).

You can also earn money as an affiliate, so you really don´t need your own products. I don´t have any experience with it so far other than what I have read. So, if you are an affiliate, you refer other people to this market place, and I think that you can earn commissions from when people you have referred sell their stuff.

This is too new for me just yet, so I am not sure if you only earn money on 1 level or more. I have a lot of questions regarding this very interesting free affiliate center, but I am letting you know about it before I figure things out. But I wish they could have some banners for their affiliates, as far as I can see they only have text links… that´s not good enough.

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