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Free Affiliate Link Cloaker

Most people involved with affiliate marketing are using an affiliate link cloaker.

This is a piece of software that hides and protects your affiliate links.

Instead of showing the affiliate identity, you are showing a URL to your own website.

This looks way cooler than a long and sometimes ugly URL, especially the ones you get when you promote products from Amazon.

There are many different link cloakers, from software that you install on your computer, to scripts you have to install on your server. Most of them are not free, but I have discovered one that I have been testing for about a day (started yesterday).

This one is called GC Affiliate Cloaker and it’s a free affiliate link cloaker for windows.

I have installed it on Windows Vista and eventhough I am receiving an error every time I start the software, I can still use it and it works just as good as the paid ones I have tested.

Download GC Affiliate Cloaker (you need to add your name and e-mail adress).

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