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Frank Kern and his Mass Control

Today is the day nearly everyone in the world of Internet marketing have been talking about. Today is the day when Frank Kern is launching his Mass Control site. This is probably one of the biggest launches since I don’t know when. Maybe since the launch of the SMARTS coaching program by stompernet… Everyone is talking about it, all the top marketers have their bonuses ready, and now it’s just a matter of a few hours before we all can join.

Well, I am not joining.

I probably should, because I have seen some of the videos and they are great, awesome and incredibly cool.

But why am I not joining?

It’s because I don’t have the time for another program, for many new great videos to watch, for new audio lessons and more. It doesn’t matter how good a program is, I just don’t have the time. I am using all my time on Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind and Social Powerlinking and a lot of other Internet marketing tutorials.

… and when everybody are talking about something, and they are all so excited, I get a little laid back. Let them have it, I will wait and see what happens and I always get the information. Probably too late to use it in a very effective way, but the important part for me is learning. I don’t really care if I am the first person on earth to learn something as long as I learn it.

But I probably should join Frank Kern on his quest to teach us Mass Control, because what I have seen so far has been awesome.

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