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Four Types of Web Traffic

I have been thinking about how many types of web traffic there really are, and why it’s important to think about the different types.

The reason that it’s very important to stop and think about the different types for a moment is because your website will be viewed very differently depending on why each of your visitors are visiting your website.

When I think about it, there are really just four types of web traffic:

1. A person finds your website because she is looking for a way to fulfill her desire (what she want/need). She has her credit card ready, just waiting to buy whatever product or service you are offering, she knows about the product before she visited you website, she is looking for the product / service and now she just want to buy it.

If you don’t offer any product or service for sale, then she is looking for the information that you provide. She is very eager to get it and you are provided it to her.

For this person you would just have to provide a very easy way to buy the product. She is just looking for a buy now button and a way to download the product without any hazzle at all. If she can’t find the button without any struggle, you might lose a customer.

2. A person finds your website because she is looking for a way to fulfill her desire what she want/need). But instead of having her credit card ready, she is looking for alternatives. She knows that there are many people or companies that are provided the same products or alternative products, now she is evaluating the different options before she decides to buy one of them.

The same applies if you are only providing information and not a product for sale. She might want to look at alternative answers to the same question. Your website provides some information, and after she has looked at your answer, she will look at other related websites for more information.

For this person you need to explain why your product is what she needs, you need to explain why your product is better than other similar or alternative products.

3. A person finds your website because she is looking for a way to fulfill her desire, but she doesn’t really know how to fulfill her desire. She knows about the desire, but she can’t really explain how to fulfill it and she doesn’t know about the solution.

For instance, she is looking for a way to lose weight. She knows that this is what she wants, but she just doesn’t know how to. She has tried many different ways earlier, but none of them had any effect on her. In this case your job would be to explain your product and how it would have an effect on her and exactly what she would do with your product to lose weight.

For this person you would have to first grab her attention, you need to explain the product, and provide detailed information about the product.

4. A person finds your website by a mistake. She might be looking for something completely diferent. She is not really looking for anything that you are providing.

For this person you need to be very specific about what your website is all about, what kinds of products you sell. This way, you are not wasting her time (and money). If you do it right, she will understand very fast what your website is all about and if she finds a need for your product sometime in the future, she will hopefully remember your website and come back and buy it.

…. or of course, you could try to convince her, that your product is something she would need (even though she has never heard of it before), no matter if she came to your website by mistake or not.

You should remember that a person that comes to your website by mistake is your toughest customer, and she will most of the time not buy anything from you and she will probably not come back to your website ever again. But think about it for a minute, how can you try to convince such a person of either buying your product or coming back to your website?

Now, should you focus on providing information on your website to each of these four types of “people” or should you really focus on just one of them or more than one?

4 responses to “Four Types of Web Traffic”

  1. Eligio says:

    Thank you for taking time to do some screenshot, it make the tutorial looks easier. Thanks

  2. Samir says:

    Any way to share Custom Reports and Advanced Segments with other users ??

  3. Brian says:

    Great tutorial.

    What do I instruct the new user to do now that I’ve allowed them to access reports?

    When I told the new user to go to google analytics, it asked them to setup an analytics account.

  4. Marc Blasi says:

    Well put. This are some of the broad ways of describing traffic. There are also some people who might come to your site just to get the information you are providing. They may not want to buy anything. Where would you classify such traffic?

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