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Force Facebook External Stylesheet Update

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It’s close to impossible to explain how relieved I am right now. I have spent more than two hours editing code on a Facebook Page and nothing seemed to work. I was close to 100% certain that I did everything right, but nothing was working.

The problem

I have been installing LikeSpinner on the Facebook Page for the college where I am working. We’ve customized all the images (they’re now in Norwegian). Adding new images was easy, and I believe that you can do it yourself if you have some basic knowledge about html.

This is the Facebook Page (it’s in Norwegian).

LikeSpinner uses Facebook static FBML. To me, FBML looks almost like regular html, so it wasn’t that hard to understand.

Everything was working fine until I tried updating the stylesheet. I did some changes and it was fine, then I edited it again, and nothing of the new updates worked. I tried a different solution, and that didn’t work either. Nothing was working. It made me really frustrated, because I thought I did everything right.

The solution

I was using an external stylesheet, and what I didn’t know is that Facebook caches (stores) the stylesheet. So, when I updated it, nothing happened, because Facebook was still using the first stylesheet (the one that I hadn’t updated).

What I had to do was to force Facebook to refresh the stylesheet by adding a new version number every time I updated the stylesheet.

Like this:

Facebook static FBML external stylesheet force refresh

What I had to do was to add the code that you see in red (in the image above).

So, the first time I added the stylesheet I used version 1.0, the next time I updated the stylesheet I had to update the code in the static FBML code to version 1.1, the next time to version 1.2 etc…

Finally, everything is working 100%.

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8 responses to “Force Facebook External Stylesheet Update”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh I like this!! Will be sharing this w/my network, thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh I *like* this – everyone who does Facebook should read this. Thanks!

  3. offshore seo expert says:

    Love this post
    keep posting

  4. Jayson Hipolito says:

    Hi jens for me this one is really great and useful. because update is one the best for every facebook user they know what is the new in their account or have a new fanpage in FB

  5. Joseph Hipolito says:

    By the way Jens do you have more updates for FB in here because I need to see more excitement in facebook. Now My profile is in time line..

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