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A Fool and His Money is One Big Party

Late at night. I watch my inbox. It’s packed with emails, close to 200, all waiting for me. As I glanse at the list, it’s easy to understand what it’s all about.

We all want to to be stars. Some want the fame, the glory and the wealth, others just want the money. We read about it in newspapers, watch it on TV, and it’s all over the Internet. We want to become rich, quick and dirty. It’s not about work, being creative, and take the path not travelled. It’s about finding the quickest and easiest solution.

That’s what I read from the emails I have received. I have received the emails from regular people, just like you and me, and I have received emails from the Gurus with the big G – from people earning six figures a month. That’s what I read from the big shiny letters of most of their sales pages.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, this is what the wealthiest, and most successful people understand, and most of us don’t. They know what makes people like you and me buy.

It’s like reading rich dad poor dad all over again, hence the title.

The big letter are always something like:

“The Most Powerful Blogging System On The Internet That Generated $1,107,693 From Just A Few Hours Work Per Week”


“This Underground Super Affiliate Is About To Reveal The Top Secret Free Marketing System That Makes Him $65K A Month”


“The Shockingly Simple System That Can Make You At Least $1,000 Per Month Without A Website Or A Product Of Your Own!”

or if you’re into weight loss, the heading might be something like:

“Discover A New Revolutionary Method That Puts Your Weight Loss On Autopilot Quickly And Permanently Without Using Draining Diets Or Difficult Workout Programs … 100% Guaranteed!”

or if you want to get back with your ex, the heading might be something like:

“Now You Can Stop Your Break Up, Divorce or Lovers Rejection…Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless!”

Do you understand why the headings, the big letters, are very similar, no matter what topic we look at?

It’s about being easy, quick and “dirty”.

Even tough I know that it’s a sales trap, it’s very hard to resist. I’ve been buying products like that for years.

Nowadays. I enjoy everything but the ordinary offers.

I don’t buy top secret marketing systems anymore. I buy ebooks and systems with specific aims, especially when it comes to topics and time. I am attracted to courses that promises me something in my topic of interests in a limited time frame.

For instance, I join courses like “eight weeks to getting paid to do what you love” or “Catch more blog traffic in 5 days for free.”

For me, it’s still about the course/e-book/system being easy, quick and “dirty”, but nowadays I’m more specific, I know what I want. But still, I am a fool and will continue to be one as long as there are good offers.

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