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Focus on the smallest thing possible


I remember the last time I talked to a group of people. I told them that, no matter what they wanted to accomplish, always focus on one thing. Yes. I told them, that no matter what their goal was, focus on one thing. And turn this one thing into the best thing it can be.

And, that one thing, it doesn’t have to be related to what their goal is.

If I was going to talk to the same group of people again, I would go a step further, and I would tell them to not only focus on one thing, but I would tell them to focus on the smallest thing possible for success to happen.

Let me give you an example.

It’s like my new habits for 2013. I started 2013 by not drinking Coca-Cola Zero. That was it. I am having more confidence than ever. I am smiling constantly. And I have published my first novel. I started with the smallest thing possible.

Let’s say that I am going to talk to politicians and help them get more people to visit our town. Let’s say that the goal is not just to get more people to visit, but to get more people to move to the town. It might sound like a very difficult task. And, like writing a novel, it will be hard to finish it without writing one word at a time. If we start by doing everything, we might end up doing nothing.

So, let’s say that I want to attract people to my beautiful town, and that I believe that the best solution is to focus on one thing. I might want to focus on music. But, music alone is too generic. I need to focus on one type of music, a specific genre, and in the end, I will focus on one band. That’s the band that will make people dance, and it’s the band that will make people smile.

I will start by inviting a fantastic band, and plan a major concert.

Right now, I am listening to Imagine Dragons and the song On top of the world, and I know that if I wanted more people to visit the fantastic fortress close to where I live, and if I want more people to experience the restaurants, and if I want more people to understand why I love living in Halden, I can do all this by focusing on one thing, the smallest thing possible, and turn the smallest thing possible into the best experience ever.

The small things are so much easier to do. We’ll have more control than ever. And, if we turn it into the best experience ever, people will not only notice, but they’ll remember us forever.

If we focus on the small things, most likely, the other people won’t. Like my fantastic concert with Imagine Dragons, people won’t just remember the concert, they’ll remember everything about it. They’ll remember the days before the concert, when all they could think about was the concert. They’ll remember the drive to the concert. They’ll remember the view when they arrived in our town. They’ll remember the smell of the flowers while walking by the shore. They’ll remember everything about our town. They’ll tell their friends. They won’t be able to keep their mouths shut. They’ll keep talking about the time they visited Halden and experienced the best concert in the world, and ate at a restaurant with the funniest waiter in the world and the best food.

The goal was not the concert. It was just the smallest thing possible. But, because we turned it into the best experience ever, we’ll end up with something much more interesting than just reaching the goal.

This was just an example. But, hopefully, I turned it into something you can use.

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