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First Thoughts on Get More Buyers

I bought the Internet Marketing course from Michael Rasmussen called Get More Buyers, I did that 2 days ago. Yesterday was the day I was going to be reading everything and watching the videos.

That didn’t happen.

I was too busy buying a new car, and I ended up not buying it. But, yesterday wasn’t a total waste of time. I might buy a new car today, and I actually had the time to watch some of the videos. It’s more like one long video with many chapters though.

From this video, I learned a valuable lesson. A lesson I probably should have known a long time ago, considering that I have been blogging for a while, and been part of the Internet Marketing community for several years – but I am not really involved much in affiliate marketing, that’s probably why.

Michael Rasmussen taught me that in order to get more buyers, I have to build several lists. At the moment I have one “large” list of people, and this is people who reads my newsletter (see that top of my blog for subscription). They are all receiving this free of charge, and I almost never send any promotional stuff to them. So, close to 100% are free subscribers that I never earn any money from.

According to Michael Rasmussen, I should of course promote either my own products or other affiliate products to my list. When people buy, I should create a new list with those people (remove them from the list of that never buys). And I should really have several lists, one for the people that are only interested in the free stuff, and one for people interested in the cheap stuff, and one for people interested in more expensive stuff and so on.

It looks to me that the lists are based upon the price tag, this way you’ll know what you should be sending to your list. If you want to promote a personal coaching program with the price tag of $3,995 this is something you should be sending to the list of people who have bought something expensive earlier. Because if you keep on sending the same promotional stuff to your one list, people will be unsubscribing… and that’s not something you’d like.

If you build several lists, that’s a way to target your customers. You know who they are and what they want.

It sounds like a very interesting marketing technique, and it sounds like it works. And all this just by watching the first 16 minutes.

Take a closer look at Get More Buyers.

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