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First month special price

Today I have two questions. The reason I am asking the two questions is related to my new project. The project will not be launching for a while, probably in mid february, but I am working “hard” at the moment. Most of my work is actually thinking and trying to figure out stuff.

My first question is this:

Should I have some sort of sale for the first month or so after launch? I see that many companies (MLM and others) have prelaunch deals and many have special launch deals as well. But I am not sure if that´s something I should do. Will more people join the first month if it was cheaper? I am not sure, it will take a while to promote it and I am in for the long run…. maybe a 50% off the first month is a good idea? More people might be joining and they might spread the word.

My second (and final) question is this:

Should I have an affiliate program? It only cost $99 to buy iDevAffiliate and then I can get people to start promoting my project for me. I will earn less from the people who joins from an affiliate link, but again I haven´t done anything to promote it, the affiliate did the job. It seems like a good idea to integrate an affiliate program, it´s cheap and it doesn´t take much time to set up (hopefully).

2 responses to “First month special price”

  1. Jovan Harmuth says:

    Jens, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t understand it either. Many of them seem to just repeat the same information over and over again. I also have wondered about why people continue to make these long sales pages. Is it because that’s what works? Or is it because that’s what’s so common, so people just assume that it works? Think about how much a page with only a few lines of text and some attractive graphics would stand out among all those like the one you linked to.

    Does anyone know the benefit to having a sales page like this that no one will ever read?

  2. Edi says:

    i don’t read more than the first few sentences and go down to the price also. If I am really interested the product i will buy, but not because of the salespage.
    All the Best

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