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Find a need and fill it

She was using the word in a way Thomas didn’t expect. He was listening to her talk. His mind was still in the middle of the third sentence. She was doing it right, or was she? He couldn’t decide. Then, she did it again.

Thomas did get the meaning of what she was saying. He just didn’t agree with how she said it. His mind was jumping back and forth.

The man next to her was nodding his head. The pitch was ordinary. The story was good. Thomas’ gut feeling told him to say yes. It was just that word, in that sentence. And, just then, she did it again.

It reminded Thomas of the dentist and the painting. It seems that once again he was focusing on the details, and not what’s important. At the dentist it helped him forget…

How important is my gut feeling? Thomas was saying the question out loud. That’s the question I’m asking myself, he said. He added some notes to the conversation. He had visualized everything that was going on inside the room. Both of them nice people, with a great vision and clear goals.

Let me just summarize the meeting, he said.

When looking for a need to fill, start with something you love to do and evaluate if you can potentially fill a need in that scope. Then, run a test sample of what you want to do. Think global. But, start local. Keep your eyes open for business opportunities that might be right in front of you. Use what you have to get what you want; help me out here, what did I just say?

She smiled, just like the man next to her.

Find a need that is open and fill it.

That’s exactly it, Thomas said, and always start with something you love to do.

By now, she knew the answer would be yes.

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  1. Kai H says:

    Bra saker og takk for i går.

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