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Finally The Affiliate Silver Bullet Blog

I have been waiting for Dustin Struckman, the creator and owner of Affiliate Silver Bullet, to create a blog. I was very eager to point out this problem just a few weeks after I joined Affiliate Silver Bullet.

I think it’s very important to have a blog, where the owner, or the support staff, can use it to communicate with all the members. Aweber is doing a great job at this, and not only are they telling their members about everything they are planning to do with Aweber, but they are also helping them with Internet marketing. Of course, everything is related to how they should be using Aweber to become successful.

Anyway, Dustin Struckman published his first post at the Affiliate Silver Bullet blog about two weeks ago. I just discovered it a few days ago, and I have already left several comments along with many other members.

One of the latest posts is some great news, and it’s shows how important this blog actually is for Affiliate Silver Bullet (and for any business). This is what Dustin is writing:

Gifts for You & Your Subscribers

I want to give a great gift to our subscribers when they sign up for the Internet Marketing Genius newsletter. I’ve been racking my brain because it has to be GREAT! I’m thinking a graphics package, a software product, some kind of tools or resource. It could be something I buy the give-away rights to or something I developed from scratch. I’ll also give it to all active ASB members when it’s ready, so please let me know if you have any great ideas for what it could be by posting in the comments below.

Thanks for your help!

This is how all members of all affiliate programs / online businesses should be communicating with the owner of the company.

I am very impressed with this step for Affiliate Silver Bullet and the Internet Marketing Genius newsletter. I am really looking forward to the gift; he said it, it’s going to be great

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4 responses to “Finally The Affiliate Silver Bullet Blog”

  1. Dmitry Chestnykh says:

    Thanks for review! The price is actually set in euro (29.95 euro), so it’s being automatically converted to local currency using the current exchange rates. Not sure why it showed dollar price for you, though, but you can select Norwegian krone in the top-right popup called “Currency”.

  2. Dmitry Chestnykh says:

    Yes, it was priced in dollars first, but last year we switched to euro.


  3. Jens says:

    Hi Dmitry

    My mistake, I had heard that the price was $39.95 and I changed it from Euro to $ and it showed a different price.

  4. Patience is always a virtue that is why it was worth the wait for you.

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