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Few Words About WordPress For iPhone

I have been writing a few posts on my new iPhone, and at the time I ordered it, and the weeks before that, I thought I’d be using it a lot to write posts using the WordPress application. Right now, I am not so sure anywmore.

As you might have already read, I have been away to Riga (Latvia) during this week. And I received my iPhone just a few hours before I left, this way, the only thing I really had the time to do, was to charge it and to replace the sim card. And replacing the sim card was really hard to figure out, I can thank YouTube for the help.

I was really looking forward to four days in Riga with a brand new iPhone. I installed the WordPress application as soon as I found a wifi network (I was lucky, it was free wifi at the hotel), it was easy to install. Way easier than I had imagined.

I am not sure how long it took me to install it and get ready to start writing, but I believe it took me no longer than 5 minutes. And I am no wizard, especially when it comes to the iPhone.

You probably saw my first post using the iPhone. It was a very short one, and I was a little confused or I should probably say frustrated. Because I was frustrated. But I guess that I can’t really blame the WordPress application for this.

I had never tried the iPhone before I bought it, I had never even tried the touch system on a mobile phone. So, when I started using the WordPress application, it was really hard to write. I missed the keys, and every single word I typed was misspelled. I spent a very long time to write just a few words.

Now, I have been using the iPhone for four days and I am getting better at typing, and at the moment, it’s not really that hard. I guess it’s all about experience and using it, and the more you use it, the better you get at using it (sounds rather obvious doesn’t it?).

I am way more positive when it comes to writing blog posts with my iPhone now than I was four days ago, but I will probably never use it for this unless I am without a computer. Because it can’t replace my laptop, it’s still too hard to type.

The interesting part is that I carry my iPhone sort of everywhere I go, my laptop is hardly anywhere I go. That’s why I think using an iPhone with a WordPress application should result in a lot more posts.

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