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A Few Interesting Observations

I have installed StoreStacker, my own online shop, and as I wrote a few weeks ago, it was very easy to install and configure.

I have big plans to do something about my online shop, I have been thinking of hiring a designer to create a cool and unique design, and I have been thinking of various ways to promote it. But, so far I haven’t done a thing.

The reason for this is partly due to StoreStacker and partly my fault. First off, StoreStacker was so easy to set up, everything worked in just a few minutes, therefore, I actually just forgot about the whole store. I installed it, configured it, and was very happy with that, two days after, I forgot that I had even installed it.

And of course, I don’t have much time to actually do new things. Because there are so many things happening, I tend to forget a few “unimportant” things once in a while.

I am not saying that StoreStacker is unimportant, I am actually trying to say the opposite. Because my online marketing shop almost runs itself. After I installed it, I think it was the day after, I did a search using Google and guess what came in top ten on the term Internet Marketing Shop? My StoreStacker shop is at the moment number 2, with 17 million results!

I have not done anything other than write the headline for the shop, I haven’t done anything related to SEO, well, other than create the headline and a subheadline. Now, the shop practically runs itself. The only thing I am not so sure about, and I have to ask the people at StoreStacker this question, is what happens with my content when new stuff is added to YouTube or ClickBank? Will I have to be updating StoreStacker once in a while as well, or will everything related to my keywords be automatically updated once a day or so from YouTube, ClickBank and Amazon?

If this is the case, StoreStacker is probably the best thing that has happened to affiliate marketing in years. It feels like a set up and forget software, and the only reason you can forget about it, is that it’s so extremely powerful.

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated about the features of StoreStacker as soon as I get some more information.

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