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The FeedReader To Download

Today I was looking through the RSS feeds in my feedreader and I thought why not tell everybody which software I prefer to read my rss? It took me a while to find it, and I almost never get comfortable using just one software, I am always switching from one to another. But when it comes to a feedreader, I have been using just one (one for my pcs and one for my macs) for a while.

For instance, when it comes to webbrowsers, I am using them all. At the time I am only using Internet Explorer when I have to, I am using Opera on my laptop, Firefox on another computer and Safari and Camino on my Macs. I enjoy them all.

When it comes to rss software I have been using a piece of software called FeedReader for my pc(s). It’s completely free and it works great. For my Macs I am using a software called NetNewsWire Lite, it’s also a free version, but NetNewsWire also comes as a pro version (I have heard that it’s awesome, but I have never tried it).

I am always looking for better software, so if you have a better suggestion when it comes to feed readers, please tell me about them.

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