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There is a feature at FeedBurner and Aweber and I think it´s also available at Getresponse (Aweber and Getresponse are two of the top Autoresponders) where you can automatically send your feed to your list when you have new post at your blog. I am not sure how they all work, if they just send a link to the post or if the e-mail has the entire post in it, or maybe it´s an option.

I have been thinking about this option lately, and this is because one of the blogs I read regularly has this option. The blog is AskDanMoran and I really enjoy it. What Dan does is that he is using Aweber to e-mail me and the other people on his list a link whenever there´s a new post in his blog. I find this interesting and I like it. But I think that the reason I like it is because I enjoy the blog and I read all of his posts, and I don´t get any other reminders from any of the other blogs that I read / subscribe to.

I am probably subscribing to too many feeds, there are so many updated blogs every single day, I can hardly check them all. So, when I receive an e-mail from Dan regarding his new post, I do click on his link and start reading. But if I received 20 or 30 e-mails from other bloggers then I would probably have to unsubscribe to many of them. Dan stands out from the crowd, but that might only be because he is the only one sending me his updates through e-mail.

I am not sure how good this feature at FeedBurner, Aweber and Getresponse really is. Should you be using it or not? Or should you be sending a summary of the latest 5 or 10 posts instead, then your subscriber wouldn´t be receiving an e-mail from you every single day with new updates (depends on how often you write).

I might start using this option at FeedBurner, well, just to test it and see if my readers would enjoy it or not. And if you are a subscriber allready, don´t fear anything. To receive e-mail updates from me (via FeedBurner) you will have to subscribe again with your e-mail address – nothing is going to change for you.

4 responses to “Feed Me Now”

  1. Tom De Nert says:

    Outsourcing is the name of the game mate!
    You will also have to take into consideration maintenance of your server, antivirus-hacking-phishing software, etc. Also, they will be monitoring more closely if your website is running okay, reducing downtimes to a minimum.
    I would stick to sharing. No hassle so you can keep focusing on your core business …

  2. Tim Linden says:

    You’ve got to determine if the downtime of switching to a dedicated server would kill your project or not. Downtime including the time frame where your current host has kicked you for using too much resources (or its just so slow nobody will use it).

    If it’s something people will be OK without it for a few days, then just wait. If not, go dedicated right away. I use You could get one from their server matrix department for $70/month to start out with.

  3. Tim Linden says:

    If both servers are running cPanel, the move can be VERY easy. Inside WHM on the dedicated server, you can enter your login to the old one and it’ll copy everything over. Then it’s just a DNS issue.

  4. Jens says:

    I just got my new account at Energized Hosting, it seems to be a very solid company and their support has been awesome so far. They told me that it was no problem to make the switch from a shared hosting to a dedicated on when (if) the time is right.

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