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The Fear of Zero likes

I am a political scientist. I am trained to analyze and find the details that works, and remove whatever doesn’t work. When I started with marketing, the first thing on my mind, was to continue to analyze. I have been using various tools, for instance, I’ve been using Google Analytics to track every details about of my visitors. I have discovered the bounce rate for certain types of posts, and I have discovered what I should keep doing to make my visitors happy. But, I have also discovered that many things shouldn’t be analyzed.

When I write, I’m making love to my keyboard. I create content, not only for my visitors, but I am creating content that I really want to create. Sometimes, I just do it, without thinking about what will happen next. The times I have analyzed and continue on the safe path, I know that I’ll get visitors, I know that I’ll get comments. And, I know that to some extent, it will provide good results.

Don’t fear social media

I always plan what I’ll be publishing in social media. I’m still struggling with Facebook, but I continue to publish new status updates on a daily basis. A few years ago, I would publish something, and I was focusing on getting people to “like” it and share it. I would wait for 30 minutes, and if nobody had clicked “like”, I would delete it. I just didn’t want content on Facebook, that nobody had liked. It was embarrassing, and I was afraid that people would look at me as a failure.

I don’t know what people think of when they see my profile picture on Facebook – that’s something I don’t think about anymore. Now, I keep publishing what I consider to be great content, or what I consider to be personal information that my friends would like to know. Sometimes, my content get many likes, other times they might not just get more than one or two. It doesn’t matter.

I keep publishing what’s relevant for me. I keep using social media as a way to connect with people, and I keep using social media to have conversations. When you have this type of approach to social media, it doesn’t matter how many likes you get or how many shares you get – as long as you are true to what you believe in.

It’s never about a number

I have thought a lot about some of my most popular updates on Facebook and Twitter. I have some posts, like the one where I wrote about 4 blogging secrets to success, that has been shared many times on social media and I have other posts that has only been shared or liked a few times. I don’t consider the most popular posts any better than the posts that are not as popular. For one thing, we have to consider Facebook Edgerank, if we should consider the quality of the posts. Sometimes, people won’t see the content I publish on social media, because I didn’t follow the rules.

But, I don’t look at the numbers anymore. I know many people still consider social media a numbers game. I look behind the numbers. I look at the people. Who are they? I look at the people who are supporting me, and they are just amazing. I am grateful for every single “like”. I am grateful for every single “share”, and I am grateful for every single “retweet”.

Look behind the numbers. There are real people supporting you. Think about that. Be grateful for every single person.

6 responses to “The Fear of Zero likes”

  1. Phillip Dews says:

    Yep your right for sure there Jens!
    I suppose a lot of bloggers are just after the numbers but like you say there are real people behind them!
    An audience is gold and should be cherished! For me I am not bothered if my posts are shared or liked or re-tweeted yet I am like you and grateful for everyone as I know people value what I have to say.
    If people like what I got to say then they will be back for more!
    I suppose I better Like , Share and Tweet this for you now! It’s a hard life being a blog commenter!

    – Phillip

    • That’s exactly it Phillip. One person can do a huge things for you, and if you focus on building strong relationships with people, you don’t need to think about numbers. And, the quality is very different when it comes to people. Some people are amazing, others won’t do you much good. It all depends. So, look behind the numbers and think about who they are instead.

      Thank you!

  2. Silvia says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Jens-Petter. Although I am using Facebook for my friends only, I think one can compare your example with what’s happening with other social media.

    I have 113 followers on Twitter and my blog feed gets around 900 views each month. Well, not bad. Or is it?

    Numbers are relative. One needs to put them into context. But finally, it’s the quality of our relationships that counts. Who knows: that one single person liking your post may turn out being a huge influencer who will bring you millions of dollars. Or maybe it is a young entrepreneur who’s company you’ll buy one day.

    If you go after numbers only, you may miss out great opportunities.

    • Numbers don’t say much, not really. You can have a very popular blog with thousands of visitors every single day, but you might not earn a single dollar a month. That’s because you’re attracting the wrong visitors. And, you can have ten visitors a month, and they’ll pay you enough to keep your a good monthly income. Like you said, it’s all relative. Some people make you smile, others might not.

  3. akshara says:

    Very nice article. Same thing happened to me when i was new on social media. Thanks for sharing this!

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