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My favorite Twitter client

Twitter is different. It’s personal, but at the same time, it’s not. I feel more in control. I feel more relaxed, and I feel more creative. It’s a lot easier to get in touch with people I don’t already know. It’s easier to join a conversation without feeling that I’ve intruded.

I’ve been looking for the fastest way to use Twitter. Since, I don’t enjoy waiting, and I don’t want a complex system, that forces me to think. I just want it to work. But, I need some fairly advanced features, features like:

The reason I need trends, is that I want to be updated about the hottest topics on Twitter. I might not use any of them for my marketing or my business, but it’s great to see what people are focusing on. I need advanced search, because I’m searching for all kinds of updates on Twitter. And the same goes for tracking keywords. Usually, I’m searching for something, and I need to save the search. I want an update every time someone mentions a specific word or combination of words on Twitter. When they do mention the words, I’m there, ready to be part of the conversation.

Without further delay, let me just say that Meshfire is my favorite Twitter client.

Active community and in control

Looking at other Twitter clients I have tried, the two top reasons why I just fell in love with Meshfire from the start, is how active not just the community is, but the people who are working at Meshfire. They’re there 24/7, asking questions, answering questions, and letting us know about developments. They’re building an awesome community, and I feel like I’m an important customer. I want to keep using Meshfire, and I want the information.

The second reason is that I feel I’m in 100% control. In fact, it’s the first time, in any social media, that I feel I’m in control. Meshfire has all the advanced features I’m looking for, and I get tasks to finish every day, that’s how I stay in control. I do my best to finish all tasks; I reply to everyone who’s mentioned me, I engage with the suggested tweets, and I block people I shouldn’t receive tweets from. It’s all part of my daily routine.

 How do you use Twitter?

There are many different ways to use Twitter. For instance, I don’t update much about what I’m actually doing or planning to do on Twitter. I mostly use Facebook for things like that. But, I engage more with people on Twitter. I use Twitter to build relationships, and it’s my #1 traffic source from social media.

How are you using Twitter. Do you publish anything personal or is it mostly business, and do you publish what you’re currently doing, or things you’re planning to do? Let’s discuss it in the comments. This is a very interesting topic. And, don’t forget to try Meshfire if you’re interested. I highly recommend it, and it’s my favorite Twitter client, by far.

4 responses to “My favorite Twitter client”

  1. Josh says:

    I am not as active on Twitter as I used to be. It is a time issue, just over extended and Twitter seems to get less of me than before. But I have been trying to get back there. Maybe a new client would help.

  2. Lisa Buben says:

    Hi Jens, I find using lists helps me use Twitter much quicker. If I ‘m blogging I go to list of bloggers or friends. If I’m at work and want to help newsroom I got to local media list. I have many lists for different things. It’s really great. I do look at trends too.
    I haven’t tried meshfire, is there a free trial or offer?
    I love using Triberr and Buffer with Twitter – I could not imagine blogging without those 2 tools.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I haven’t been active using lists for a long time, but that’s absolutely something that worked for me. I have added a few lists in Meshfire, and I’m going to take a look at them later today. Thanks for the tips. It seems that I have forgotten all about them 🙂

      It’s a free trial, I believe it’s for 30 days.


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