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My Favorite iPhone App

I am writing most of my blog posts during Saturday or Sunday morning, usually, very early Sunday morning. I am scheduling my blog posts, this way, I can spend more time interacting with my readers and I have more control of my content. Now, I know for a fact that I’ll end up writing and publishing new posts every single week.

One of the reasons I’m scheduling my blog posts, is that I need to be more productive; I need to focus on doing my best work in a fairly short amount of time. I have tested several methods, and the one method that works better than all the others, is the Pomodoro technique. I’m working in batches of 25 minutes. That’s it.

I’m always looking for ways to improve, and I’m always looking for new apps to use in my work. Today, I want to tell you about a new app that I’ve been using for the past month or so. I’m using it every single day, in order to keep my focus, and to keep doing my best work and stop procrastination.

The single most important part of what I’m doing, at work, and being productive, is to create habits. I’ve written about my habitsย before, and the app I’ll be writing about today, is all about creating good habits.

My Favorite App

I am writing about just one app, and that’s because this one app has made a huge impact on my life – not just how I work. The reason it has made this much impact is because it helps me keep track of my goals and it motivates me to keep working hard. The last time I discovered a tool that made such an impact on how I work, and how much I get done, was when I started using Sanebox.

The app I’m refering to is FULL.

track goals via Full app

I need to keep track of everything I’m working on. I don’t need all the tiny details, but I need to have lists and projects, and I’ve tested several different methods and tools to help me stay focused and be more productive. But, what I have been missing is the “big” goals. I need visions, and I need goals, to keep my mind busy on what I’m really going to accomplish. Full is perfect for this.

What Full helps me do is to add goals, and track how often I am working on those goals. For instance, one of my goals is to focus on gratitude. I am going to be grateful, every single day. The top of my list of goals is gratitude, and I have added 31 days of May. This means that I’ll be grateful (for something) every single day of May. It starts out on 1. May with the name of the goal and 0/31 next to it. When I’ve accomplished the task of the day, which means that I’ve been spending time thinking about what I’m grateful of and finding positive thoughts; I’ll just do a swipe of the goal, and the new number is 1/31.

make habits with full

Full helps me focus on the positive things in building a habit. I’m looking at the app, and it show how often I’ve actually accomplished the goal, and it shows how many times I have left (each month).

Your favorite app

Right now, I’m thinking that Full is my favorite appย when it comes to both work, blogging and life in general. It has made a huge impact. I am more focused than ever, and I am happier than I have been in a very long time. I’m not saying that it’s all because of Full, but what it helps me do is to keep focusing on what I should be doing, every single day.

Are you using Full? If you are, what’s your thoughts; do you like it as much as me?

Like I said, Full is my favorite app, but what’s your favorite app?

Let’s discuss it in the comments.

10 responses to “My Favorite iPhone App”

  1. Way cool Jens. I’m a tablet guy and do all posting through my laptop, but oh so happy to tweet this through Triberr ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Leo Salazar says:

    This better be good! I’m risking โ‚ฌ0.89 to change my life.

  3. Ilka says:

    Sounds great. I have everything in my IPhone. My calender is full and is reminding me constantly of my daily duties. Concerning changing habits, I did something similar on a health page I used to be healthier, sleep more, eat better, drink more water and so on. The problem is that I seem to be quite good at ignoring my own reminders ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for posting this Jens! I love your month full of gratitude ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I know exactly how you feel about ignoring your own reminders. I have lists of “everything” and I have a system that should work great, until my mind starts to drift away and I keep doing something that’s not on my list. That’s why I feel that this app is helping me focus. I’m using it every day, it tracks the goals (the big picture) and it helps me see if I’m moving forward or not.


  4. Jane says:

    I love these kinda apps that help me see the big picture and help me stay focused at the small-step level. I am not an iPhone user though (Android fan here!). Let’s see if there is an Android clone or a similar app.

    Thanks for sharing Jens.

    • That’s exactly why I am using it Jane. I need to see the big picture, and why the small things matters. This keeps me motivated and keeps me moving forward.

      I hope you find an Android clone.


  5. Hi Jens, What a wonderful review! I love that your goal is gratitude. I imagine that’s an easy habit for you to achieve because you seem to be a very grateful person. Many of your blog posts express appreciation for others.

    My favorite app right now is probably Audible. I have been listening to some amazing books as I drive and walk my dog (not at the same time!).

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for your kind words. Full is great to keep me focused on what’s most important for me. Some of the goals might change from month to month, but the most important goals will remain.

      I’m using Audible as well, and it’s great. I don’t have as much time to listen to books at the moment, but I used to listen to a lot.


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