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Fast Food Giants Target Kids with Marketing

It might not be news to you, because it happens all the time. Fast food giants like McDonald’s are targetting kids with their marketing in order to keep them coming and eating their food.

They are giving away balloons, they have big playgrounds and they are giving away all sorts of toys with their happy meals. Nothing new, they have been doing it for years.

What I think is a little disturbing is that they have also tried to advertise on elementary school report cards. McDonald’s gave away free food to kids in elemenary schools as a reward for good grades. You can say that it’s for a good cause, and maybe even the kids would do extra home work to get their Big Macs, but hey, where’s the moral of this?

It’s ok with obesity and unhealthy kids, as long as they have a good education?

McDonald’s are not alone, Pizza Hut has been targetting kids with their reading incentive program for a while as well. My question is; how can Seminole County district allow stuff like this?

I know that it’s probably all about the money, but it has to be a better way to earn some extra cash. It’s a good thing that McDonald’s decided to stop advertising on the report cards. But they would probably never have stopped if it wasn’t for one parent, Susan Pagan, who complained about it to an activist organization, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.

It’s really something when one parent can stop a fast food giant from trying to exploit her kids.

5 responses to “Fast Food Giants Target Kids with Marketing”

  1. hi,

    it is the good way of giving food to the children for making them strong and also helps in their study.

  2. Jarna says:

    your an idiot !! This whole article is true

  3. meng says:

    I think this is good for some fast food to do this is because back in the old days Fast Food dont just give away free food and second its not like MCD will give away free food more than once to a child. They had put a limit to how much a child can get. I know this is harmful to the kids, but there are parents to decide as well.

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