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Far away can be a good thing

Being different is not enough. At the same time, being different is more important than ever. Your unique selling proposition (USP) is one of the reasons why people find you and why people remember you.

A few months ago, I discovered something that got me thinking. I wasn’t sure if the USP was a good one or not, but it got me interested. I read about the place in a local tourism guide, while at vacation in Sweden.

If your story is turning strangers into people who are interested, you’re doing something right. I couldn’t just let it go. I read some more. And, it turned out that I just had to experience what I was reading before returning home.

The reason I got interested was that I read about a woman that had turned her farm (or at least her cabin, next to the farm), located many miles away from the closest shops, and far away from any other houses or neighbors, into a candy store. She was selling candy where nobody would think any customers would visit.

selling candy in the woods

At first, I thought that it would be a great place for organic vegetables, and a place to visit animals. But then, I started smiling, thinking that it was even a better place to sell candy.

The part about being different is the location and her story. It felt a bit like being inside her home.

She welcomed us inside. She talked, smiled, and she was offering great customer service. It was nothing like being on a farm, but I got the feeling that her candy was of a much higher quality – buying it from her inside her cabin, far away from «society».

She was offering more or less the same candy as any other candy store would offer, but her story was more or less the opposite of an ordinary candy store, it was:

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