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Facebook – the part where I continue to struggle

It’s raining. I’ve been in the kitchen watching the rain for several hours, thinking about how far I’ve come in my business as a solopreneur. But, at the same time, I’m thinking about how important it is that I stay focused, and that I continue to be open about what I am struggling with.

I might not be who you think I am.

facebook struggle

The social part of social media

I’m doing social media for several of my clients. And, personally, I really enjoy social media. I started using Facebook many years ago, and at first it was just different from everything I’ve ever done. Like with Twitter, I didn’t get it. Not in the beginning.

You know what. Sometimes, like right now, I’m thinking that I want you to listen to the music I’m listening to when I am writing this. It would make such a huge impact on the story I’m telling you. You don’t have to. But, I’m listening to the Jimmy Henrix version of “All along the watchtower”. And, just by listening to it, you’ll get a completely different view of what I’m experiencing.

What I am experiencing with Facebook right now, is something of a… I’m actually not sure what I should call it. I’ll try to explain it instead. It’s a bit of a drama. I’m using Facebook in many different ways. Not because I have a split personality, but like yourself, I have many different roles in life. I am a solopreneur. I am a dad. I am a husband. I am a friend. I was a classmate. I am an activist (well, not really. But I love animals and I am a vegetarian, so I support everything that’s good for animals and help them live a happy and long life).

On Facebook, I’m everything and nothing, at the same time. I don’t think about it that often. But, when I do think about it, I just can’t seem to find the answer. I try my best to be myself on Facebook. It means that I am everything. Sometimes, I write in Norwegian. Sometimes, I write in English. Sometimes, I write about marketing. Sometimes, I write about my cats.

The business part of Facebook is a lot easier. I use it to build relationships, and keep the relationships warm. I never sell anything on Facebook. But, sometimes, I use it to generate more subscribers for my newsletter.

I don’t know how many times I have listened to “All Along the Watchtower” right now, but it’s been playing in the background over and over. I just can’t seem to get enough. It might be because the lyrics are somewhat related to my thoughts on Facebook, but it might be a completely different reason. It turns my words into life.

How do you use Facebook?

Are you being who you really are on Facebook? Are you showing your friends everything? Or are you using it as a business service, or just displaying some parts of your life?

20 responses to “Facebook – the part where I continue to struggle”

  1. Wendy Ewurum says:

    You’ve actually mentioned something that’s been troubling me. I’m new to this and so am like a sponge to everything. ISince i started thsi blogpreneur things as i call it about 4 or less months ago i’ve been pushing it everywhere and on twitter i’m at a point where this week i’m getting more than 100 followers a day.

    but fb although is the platform i’ve used longest just alludes me. the members dont share readily although they are all authors.
    i’d like to know your reason for not selling there, i think i will have to follow suite too because i think its making me spend lots of time that could be better used elsewhere with better results i suspect.

    • Hi Wendy,

      Facebook is different. The reason, at least for me that is, is that every single person I know are using Facebook. So, I can’t just be personal, I have co-workers and I have partners, and business relations there as well. That’s why I am struggling to understand who I should be and the ratio of the different identities. But, I am using Facebook as a way to build relationships. The reason I am not selling directly is that I want to build trust. And, because I am not only the business man when I am using Facebook. I want people to see the real me, and how helpful I can be.

  2. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Jens.

    Have I been there buddy 😉 After years of using FB I am learning more daily. So much to learn, and of course, so much to experiment with. Here is my approach; post pictures sharing your experience, toss in a few biz related updates and finish up with some personal experiences/struggles, or inspiration.

    This little mix seems to be working OK…..until I change the ratio again 😉


    • Hi Ryan,

      It seems that you have it figured out. I am experimenting as well, but I experiment more on other social networks. The reason I’m not as comfortable on Facebook is the fact that close to every single person I know are using Facebook. So, if I am experimenting, my friends and family will see it as well, not just my business relations.

      Thanks a lot for your tips. I’ll look more closely at your mix and see if I can do something similar.

  3. Gary Kelley says:

    I use Facebook for my personal stuff. Family and friends. There are things in my personal life I don’t want publicized….like my making a video driving my car at an illegal speed (while keeping up with traffic…which was my point.) I also put some rants there. LinkedIn is the professional stuff. Twitter is a bit of all. The truth is I am beginning to wonder about the value of Facebook. It is nice to have a diversion from work…but if I couldn’t do it for a week?

    • Hi Gary,

      I started using Facebook for personal stuff as well, but then I just couldn’t resist and I started to accept friends that I didn’t know that well. And, it’s a lot of fun having conversations with people all over the world. But, it’s a bit hard to keep up with everything and being everything all the time 🙂

  4. Emily Hunter says:

    I, too, work with social media. i find it really hard to do that business shilling for myself, primarily because it’s not what the people with whom I associate want to see. They want to read the crazy stuff about my cats – or whatever. I’ve found that it’s turning into something like G+ with having to set up separate identities. Maybe the business and the person shouldn’t mix?

    • That’s like me. I am testing various things on Facebook, and I just posted a picture of my new cat 🙂 I bet that some of my business relations will stop following me fairly soon, and the same will be true for my friends as well (not my close friends though). It’s hard to understand how to be yourself, when everybody is listening to everything we’re doing.

  5. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    I use my main profile only for personal reasons, all my blogging activities are on my FB page 😀 (It does limit me though. I can’t participate within groups, I can’t follow/friend other people, I can only like other fan pages). But, it keeps my activities clean and organized 😀

    I really want to use FB to do more. I just started a new page, so can’t expect much out of it. Hopefully, it will work out 😀

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your experience, Jens 🙂

    • That’s interesting Jeevan. I have been using filters to try to keep the business and personal stuff separated, but most of the time, I just mix everything. Well, I don’t publish a lot of business stuff on my personal profile. I publish on my business page. But, I want to talk about every part of my life (and I have a lot of friends who only understand English, and I keep writing in Norwegian) 🙂

    • Carolyn says:

      Jeevan and Jens, I use Facebook a bit differently. I have two Facebook accounts, one for personal and one for professional. I share pictures of my kids, holidays, and local activities on my personal account. On my professional account I share blogging information, others’ articles, articles on writing tips, etc. I am two people on Facebook but I have two difference audiences. My personal friends won’t care about blogging stuff and my blogging friends probably won’t care about local information.

      My method may not be ideal, but it’s how I have coped with having two distinctly different groups of friends on Facebook.

      • Hi Carolyn,

        I have actually never thought about creating two different Facebook accounts, one for personal and one for professional. That’s a great idea. I am not sure if I should do it now or not, because I have too many people connected with my profile already. But, if I started over, I would probably do what you have done.

        I have one question though. Do a lot of people in your business find your personal profile on Facebook and try to connect with you on that one, and what do you do if they are?

        • Carolyn says:

          Hi Jens, I was thinking for you it could be easy, have a Norwegian Facebook account and an English one? Or have a professional and personal one. When you start your new one, invite your friends you want to move to the new account and explain why you’re doing it. Be specific because otherwise friends will think a hacker got to your account.

          You will need to use a second email address for the second Facebook account.

          When I get a friend request to the “wrong” account, I simply send that person a friend request to the proper account and explain why. Most people understand (and think it’s a good idea).

          I got the idea from gamers. Many people have a second Facebook account for Facebook games so they don’t fill their regular feed with game requests. They can also friend strangers who may advance their game but don’t want to know the details of personal posts.

          • That’s a great idea Carolyn. I should have a Norwegian Facebook account and an English one. This way things will be a lot easier for me. On the other hand, you won’t be able to see all the cute pictures of my kids 🙂

      • Jeevan Jacob John says:

        @ Jens

        Yeah, I have seen your Norwegian posts (Some words are similar to German, right? I am studying German online right now :D).

        I have created filters and interests for my personal accounts, but I never use them (often times, I just forget about their existence).

        @ Carolyn

        I have thought about creating multiple account, but managing one account itself is hard (along with all other social media sites). I might give it a second thought.

        I used to play FB games, and I did have multiple accounts (I deleted most of them). The only one I might have is the one I created for a school project (Cranberry Tales – we were creating FB accounts for each character :D).

        Moving to another account might be hard now. I have a lot of blogging friends on board. Hmm, I suppose I could send a message to all of them?

        But, this will give me an edge on FB – promote others’ content, and make sure others know that I promoted it 😉

        Anyways, thanks for the tip, Carolyn 🙂

  6. saim says:

    Well thanks i was trying to learn where i am lacking on social networking platform here i got the answer of my question thanks to update this post for me this was helpful to understand the criteria. I will wait for the further updates as well.

  7. Mahesh Kumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    Frankly, I am not addicted Facebook, personally, however I used to interact with my close friends through chat and better I still recommending Gtalk or Yahoo where the social media has moved too ahead of Facebook, Twitter etc. I use Facebook to promote my websites mostly, however am still looking for good growth in my traffic and site progress. I dont think so whether Facebook can throw number of visitors, however, I am still trying to work on it.
    Thank you for this post.

    • Hi Mahesh,

      Thank you for your feedback. I started out being all about marketing on Facebook, then, after realizing that all of my friends and family was on Facebook too, I started being more personal and thinking that I should use it to build relationships instead.

      – jens

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