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Facebook Search Engine Optimization

Few people understands the importance of doing search engine optimization (SEO) on their Facebook profile. The better you rank within Facebook, the more friends will follow you, and the more people will visit your profile. It’s that simple.

Let me tell you why it’s important and what you should be doing.

Don’t Think Google

Facebook is very important when it comes to generating traffic and sales. As I’m writing this Google is losing traffic dominance to Facebook.

I’m not saying that your Facebook profile should compete with your blog or your other websites when it comes to the search engine, that’s not my point. What you should understand is that if your profile ranks for keywords or terms that are highly used on Facebook (they should also be your target keywords), you should see a rapid increase of people following you (and the more people who are following you, the more traffic you’ll get).

Think Facebook Search

There are different ways to search inside Facebook. Most people don’t think of Facebook as a search engine, but it really is. You can search for close to everything on Facebook. If you know what’s working on Google when it comes to SEO, you know what’s working on Facebook, it’s the same stuff.

Let me show you.

1. Use keywords in your title

If you’re business, or whatever you are doing, is about a specific niche, then you need to include your target keyword in your title. For instance, if what you’re doing online is mainly about Indian food, you need to include Indian food in your title.

Never include many keywords. It might hurt your chances of getting ranked.

Make sure you have an interesting title.

2. Use the same keywords in your Facebook URL

Your Facebook url is also known as your username on the site. The URL will change to reflect the username you pick, in the format You want to go after the same keywords here that you did in the title.

3. Use the same keywords in your about box

Your about page will include most of the content on your Facebook profile. So, it’s very important that you add your target keywords there. Try to include the main keywords towards the beginning. You want the search engine to see them as soon as possible.

4. Get inbound links

You should do a link-building campaign. Get links from directories, blogs and forums. The more links to your profile, the higher ranking.

5. Stay up to date

You should always try to stay updated and check the on the algorithm that Facebook and Google are using. This lets you know what they are placing the most weight on, and will help you focus on that for your page. I know that this might sound boring, but it’s important if you want to be at the top.

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6 responses to “Facebook Search Engine Optimization”

  1. home business says:

    Man Iโ€™m impressed with this informative blog, and in fact you hav a genius mind. keep up the good work.

  2. I honestly donโ€™t think Facebook as search engine but with your explanation it seems that it is as some point. I do use Facebook as an additional asset for my website, having a fan page or group page helps a particular website. Though having an account on it needs monitoring and updates for it to have an effect. Thanks for sharing those other resources. Itโ€™s definitely helpful.

  3. Seo Bukan says:

    Just like an optimizing the facebook as we are doing the site optimization according the google results, good work.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. UK SEO Firm says:

    You say to create a link building campaign solely for the Facebook page? Sounds interesting….

  5. Yes, for a Facebook Page or for your Profile, or both.. or everything Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Yes, for a Facebook Page or for your Profile, or both.. or everything Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

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