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Facebook Pay Per Click and CTR

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I am very satisfied with my Facebook advertising campaign. At the time I am writing this, I have 1819 clicks and the average cost per click is $0.47. But my click through rate (CTR) is very low, it’s only 0.07. But does the CTR have any value at all on PPC campaigns, and especially when it comes to Facebook?

What is CTR?

Click Through Rate or CTR means click-throughs per hundred ad impressions, expressed as a percentage. It’s important to understand that this statistic is only the immediate response for the advertisement and not the overall response. People might see the advertisement and read the text and the url, and wait until later on and then type in the url and visit your site. That sort of visits does not count, even though the only reason they visited your site was because of your advertisement.

A low CTR means that your advertisement might not be as good as you thought or relevant to the people that you have exposed it to. But it can also mean that it’s not visible enough. When it comes to Facebook, small ads might not be that visible. I have studied the advertisements at Facebook, and what I really see are all the big skyscraper banners. I tend to forget or not look at the small ones. But that might be just me?

Why is CTR important at all?

You are only paying for the clicks, why would you care how many people “saw” your advertisment without clicking it? Does it really matter at all?

Well, if you experience a low CTR like I am doing, you might want to consider editing your advertisement. How it looks, like the image you are using, and the text you are using. What is the message you are trying to send? You might also want to take a look at the keywords you are using, the words your are bidding on.

The difference between my PPC campaign and many of the other campaigns, like the ones you use Google AdWords for, is that I am not using any keywords. I am only targetting Norwegians between 15 and 30 years of age that are using Facebook.

I can’t do anything with my keywords, because I have none. I could do something about the advertisement, but why should I? I have more than enough clicks and the people that are clicking are answering the questionnaire.

I think that I would probably only do something with my advertisements with low CTR if not enough people were clicking. But when you got 2698932 impressions (almost 2.7 million) and 1819 clicks, what’s the point of improving the advertisement?

If you consider a regular Google AdWords kind of campaign, there are many things you should consider doing in order to improve your CTR. For instance, remember that the long tail can actually kill your campaign and you might want to create multiple landing pages in order to test your campaign, and you should consider using various tools to help your campaign.

I have considered all of this, but how would that help my Facebook campaign? I got the impressions, I got the clicks, but a low CTR… I can’t see that it matters. Do you think that it matters?

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